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Reason 11 in Logic Pro X - First Reason 11/Logic Beat!

reason Nov 26, 2019

Reason 11 in Logic Pro X now works! I'm really pleased at how smooth the integration is between the two pieces of software. The smooth workflow of Logic, coupled with all my favorite Reason sounds is a match made in heaven.

So I put together a demo of my first Reason 11 Logic beat. I'm really looking forward to continuing to use this combination to continue to create music.

Looking to level up your Reason game? It's time to learn Reason in an afternoon

Here’s my first track using Reason 11 as a plugin inside of Logic Pro X. It was so much fun to use the best of both worlds in creating a song hosted in Logic Pro X, but using Reason 11 as a plugin.

In my first beat using Logic and Reason, I used Logic's Drummer, Clavinet, and Electric Piano, mixed with Reason's Klang, Quartet, Audiomatic, Echo, and more!

What do you think? Will you use Reason 11 in Logic Pro X?

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