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April 2016 Stock Music Sales Report

So here is my stock music sales report, since some people have asked how much I’m really earning selling stock music online.

I debated with myself a long time about how transparent to be…

Ultimately I decided that you all would benefit from real information.

So here goes my first earnings report. I think April marks the one year anniversary of selling music on Pond 5. Moving forward, I’m probably only going to offer an in-depth analysis of Pond 5 sales, because it is the only site that offers granular statistics on sales & views.

There’s still a lot of guess work going on here. Any insights are welcome!

In-depth Analysis of April’s Stock Music Sales

Pond 5 was the only site I had sales in April, although I have songs on 4 other sites.

Chart of April 2016 Sales of Stock Music

Chart of April 2016 Sales of Stock Music

I’m really excited because this was the first month I broke the $200 mark.

Yea… $200 of online music sales in a month feels pretty great. It’s not like I can retire, but still.

Of course, the money is just going to go toward upgrading to Reason 9, so…. #ConfessionsOfaGearSlut.

I made 19 sales, meaning that the average value of my sale was about $11. This is because a lot of the sales were for stock sound effects, which I tend to price around $10 (and Pond 5 takes 50%).

You’ll also notice that the chart is pretty spikey.

On a lot of the big days in April, it seemed that buyers purchased multiple versions of the same song. For example, I’d sell something like this Intro/Opener and this Loop version of the same song on the same day. In other words, I’d guess that I was getting multiple sales from the same buyer, which is good (I think).

I think higher sales are also tied to the “Artist Page” stat… maybe. A buyer who likes my work generally, or has purchased from me in the past, is browsing through my broader portfolio, instead of limiting themselves to their specific search.

I had 1332 views, which translates into a sale for every 70 visitors. My guess is that more views translate into more sales, but it will be interesting to track this ratio as we move forward.

Finally, I don’t know how many clips I had up at the end of April. I’ve probably added 20-30 since, and I now have 669 clips online.