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Analyzing a Top-Selling Song

I want to show you my best selling songs and teach you why I think they were successful. So this will be the first in a series of my five best-selling songs for music licensing on Pond Five. I’ll probably do this over the course of a month or so. 

So stay tuned every week or two I’ll be putting out another one of these videos where I break down why I think this song is one of the best sellers and hopefully you can learn something from this and apply it to your own attempts to license your music. 

If you’re interested, here’s my five day free course on how to license your music

Some Thoughts On Why This Track Has Been Licensed So Much

This article is going to be a little more in-depth in that it looks at just one song and why I think it’s the best seller. Another thing I want to add to that is that all of these songs that are my best sellers also happen to be my oldest songs. The songs that I uploaded three or four years ago. So the fact that they’re best sellers doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best songs. It just means they’ve been around the longest. But these are the ones that have made me the most money – hundreds of dollars each. 

And another thing I want to mention before we actually start listening to the song and break it down is that when I say “song,” I’m often writing a full length song but then making a version of it that’s shorter. And so these are actually the five best selling edits that I have. Some are complete songs. Some are more. Some are loops. Some are short edits.

Genre & Structure are Important for Music Licensing Success

Now we’re going to play this first one what we’re gonna do is we’ll listen to it then I’ll talk you through the points on what I think is good about it and what I think is bad about it now, having another three years of experience. 

I think that this song does a really good job of conveying that hard rock. A Black Keys type of vibe, right? Classic Rock! If you’re interested, you can license this great riff rock song here (affiliate link).

Listen to my best-selling song here

From the first note to the very last note, you know exactly what type of song it is. It’s energetic and it’s hard charging and doesn’t try to do anything other than stay within its zone. 

So for somebody who is looking for a song in that classic rock zone, this song is a fit, which is really important. Now they just have to determine if they like it and if the format is right. 

The second thing is it’s constantly moving and never really repeats itself. It builds up. It goes and it ends and then it has a second ending. Which sort of helpful as well. 

The third thing I think is that it’s reasonably well produced. It’s not terrible and it’s not great. It sounds within the genre, at least. 

There’s Always Room For Improvement When Selling Stock Music!

But there’s also a couple of things I don’t think it does well. I could mix and master it and record it better, but it was good enough for the time. It’s good enough for licensing. 

The next thing I want to say is actually that the standard length for these types of things should be 30 seconds. This song is like twenty four seconds, so I probably shot myself in the foot and missed out on opportunities to license this song because it’s just a little too short. So this song doesn’t fit in there. I didn’t know that at the time. I was just trying to make something shorter.

How to Save money On Musical instruments

How to Save Money on Musical Instruments

Music equipment gets expensive really quick – but with these 3 steps, you can save 10-25% (or more) on gear – before apply coupons! These steps will help you save money on musical instruments at Guitar Center, Ebay, Amazon, and more!

The first thing you need to do is turn off your web browser’s Ad blocking software. Simply Google how to do this for your specific browser (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.)

This may sound complicated, but after you do it once or twice, it is really easy. To help you learn how to save money on music instruments, I’ve added a video summary (at the end) and a flow chart.

Ok, now onto the method.

Raise (affiliate link – you’ll receive $5 off your first order when you sign up through my link!) is a marketplace that allows people to sell their unwanted gift cards. It allows buyers to purchase those gift cards at a discount.

So if you were going to spend $200 at Guitar Center, you’re likely find a gift card to Guitar Center for 6% off. Or $188.

Raise also frequently has promotions that can get you an additional discount. At the time of this writing (around Mother’s Day), they were running a 6% off sale. So 6% off of $188 = $176.72. Then subtract the $5 off you get on your first order for signing up for Raise through my link. Boom!

You just got a $200 piece of music gear for $171.72!!!

Or a ~15% discount!

But wait. There’s more. WAY MORE. You can seriously get some mega discounts on music equipment by combining gift cards with referral sites.

You have probably heard of “affiliate links” – where a retailer (like Guitar Center) pays a website (like this) 5% of the sale price for every referral it makes.

Well some sites – like Ebates (affiliate link that will give you a $10 signup bonus) – will share a portion of their affiliate revenue with you in order to entice you to purchase through their affiliate links.

This chart shows you how to save money on music equipment

It’s a total win-win.

They get affiliate revenue they wouldn’t otherwise get, and you get cash back you wouldn’t normally get. This cash back for music gear can add up to you saving some serious money.

Let’s continue our example, but let’s pretend you went to Ebates first (before Raise). You sign up through my link and already get $10 cash back.

Then you search for Raise on Ebates. Right now, Ebates offers 1% cash back on Raise, so when you spent $171.72 on the Guitar Center gift card, you’d get 1% back (I know, it’s not a lot, but these numbers frequently change – and Ebates also frequently has promotions).

So now you’d only spend $170 on the gear.

But then you go back to Ebates, and search for Guitar Center. Currently Ebates is offering 3% off purchases at Guitar Center.

So you go to Guitar Center via Ebate’s link and you purchase the $200 piece of music equipment using the gift card code you got from Raise. Ebates will then give you 3% cash back on your full purchase price! Or $12 back.

link and you purchase the $200 piece of music equipment using the gift card code you got from Raise. Ebates will then give you 3% cash back on your full purchase price! Or $12 back.

So now it’s $170 (for the gift card) – $12 (Ebates) = $158.

And don’t forget the $10 bonus that Ebates gives you for signing up through my link.

gives you for signing up through my link.

At the end of the day, you will have paid just $148 for a $200 piece of gear – a 26% savings on musical instruments!

And that’s how to save money on musical instruments. Plus it doesn’t even account for the fact that Guitar Center coupons often exist too!

For those audio learners, here’s a video explaining how to save money on musical instruments.

I’ve used these money saving techniques to literally save hundreds (maybe thousands) on studio gear. These money saving tips have allowed me to build out my studio faster, with better quality equipment than I’d normally be able to.

Please note that all of these numbers are subject to change, but were accurate as of May 2019.