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May 2016 Stock Music Sales Report

Well, on the bright side, my May 2016 Stock Music sales were the highest ever! But on the not so bright side, I only earned .50 cents more than in April!

Kind of discouraging. Not that I’m in this short term, but I added some good new songs, and was hoping to see a bounce.

Still, $200 a month is an earnings level that I’m happy with, for now. However, my goal is to double it to $400 by the end of the year.

All of my sales occurred on Pond 5.

Again, I had no sales on Productiontrax, Audio Micro or Audio Jungle.

Analysis of my royalty free music licensing stats for May.

May 2016 Stock Music Earnings chart

May 2016 earnings up, slightly.

In May, I licensed 21 tracks and sound effects. This compares to 19 in April. The fact that I only earned .50 more means I experienced a lower average sale price this month, at $9.73 a sale. These are net earnings, after Pond 5 has taken its 50% cut. My sales skewed much more toward sound effects than music.

I would guess I had about 670 songs online by the end of the month, probably about 20-30 more than April. But I didn’t make any sales of those new songs.

Selling More Expensive Stock Music

I’ve long believed that buyers on Pond 5 are willing to pay for quality. I’ve seen songs sell for as much as $199.  And I’ve been experimenting with certain premium songs in the price range.

So I’m glad that I licensed my most expensive track yet! I licensed this Energetic Kanye Style Old Skool Hip Hop Funk Soul Beat With Horn Section for $49. Previously, my most expensive song had sold for $45. I will continue experimenting with higher prices.

Another win is that I managed to license (slightly) more music to fewer visitors! Visitors listened to my tracks 200 fewer times in May as compared to April, but led to more revenue.

This may support my theory that Artist Page views are worth more than general views, since these increased from 27 to 36.

However, I some of my stats may be starting to skew due to writing this blog and tweeting. In other words, some readers (fellow stock music musicians) are going to Pond 5 to check out my portfolio, as opposed to being serious buyers. Which is fine by me!

Let me welcome you to my music portfolio with this cool graphic!

Let me welcome you to my music portfolio with this cool graphic!


We’ll see what June holds (spoiler alert: the dreaded summer slump seems like it’s coming).

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