May 2017 stock music licensing earnings report ⋆ Stock Music Musician

May 2017 stock music licensing earnings report

May 2017 was my best month licensing music. I earned more than $330 on my main licensing site, Pond 5. This is $30 more than my previous high, and I've basically earned more than $300 per month licensing music this entire year. 

I think this success selling music online is due to three main ​factors:

  1. Optimized pricing
  2. Highly refined keyword tagging strategies
  3. More songs​

It's taken me three years to get here, but I feel like my music licensing success is only going to go upward from here. (If you're interested in learning how to license your music I've got a free video telling you how to do it here).

May 2017 stock music licensing earnings

What I earned licensing music on Pond 5 in May 2017

You can tell I had one huge sale for $70+ (thanks pricing) and also the most overall sales I've ever had (thanks keywords and tagging!)

Now I just need to keep doing what I'm doing and keep adding more songs. Onward to June! ​


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About the Author

Evan has been writing & recording music for the past couple decades. He's thrilled to have his songs have been played on NPR, the Outdoor Network, Verizon's On Demand Channel, and more. He's spent the past year teaching folks how they too can get started licensing their music.