One of My Worst Songs Made Me $200+ in Licensing Revenue ⋆ Stock Music Musician

One of My Worst Songs Made Me $200+ in Licensing Revenue

Would you believe that one of my worst written, worst produced, worst mixed songs - one that uses mainly loops - has generated over $200 and continues to sell?

I'm as shocked as you. 

Update 5/22/18: I just earned $1,800 from this song on back end licensing!!

One of my worst songs generated more than $200 in music licensing revenue

These 2 edits of one of my worst songs each has generated more than $100 in sales

But it turns out there are at least 3 secret reasons why this song has done so well, which I'll share in a minute. 

First, though, you really ought to take a listen to this little gem. 

Originally, I never intended this song for licensing. I was just making a demo song to experiment with mid/side processing. As the song shows, that experiment failed.

However, I accidentally exported the song and uploaded it to some licensing sites with a batch of other files.

When it came time to start tagging the song with keywords and descriptions, I thought, what the hell.

Now, to begin with I recommend writing and recording high quality songs!

The point of this example is just to show that if you know what you're doing when it comes to key wording songs, and make songs that are a good fit for music licensing, you can be successful at music licensing even if you're not the greatest musician or producer.

So let's talk about why this song sucks!

- The mix is terrible, instruments are all the wrong volume
- That wah guitar (loop) is jarring
- The song doesn't sound glued together
- I could go on...

The main point is that the quality is pretty average, and the song is kind of boring. Although songs that are good background music are great for music licensing, you don't want to overdue it. 

So why has this song worked? 

- It's written in the format that fits stock music
- The song has a consistent, clear vibe
- It's got a clear ending, not just a fade out
- I did a great job using evocative keywords (see bullet point #4!) so buyers could actually find the song
- There's horns (buyers like horns! (I get my samples from here)

All of these are skills that can be learned and improved on. All you need is some direction and a commitment to work on your craft. In the two or three years since I made this song, my recordings (and success) have continued to grow.

You need to stop making excuses that you're not good enough, or you're not ready. You will fail, but as long as each song is a little better than the last in some way, eventually your progress will start to snowball. 

Stop making excuses that your music isn't good enough, or you're not ready. You may  fail, but as long as each song is a little better, eventually your progress will start to snowball. #sidehustle #hustle #musicproducer #producerlife

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This means that you can license your music too!

So cheer up, even if you're still working on your production skills, you really can start licensing your music online today. If you want to learn how to do it, my Stock Music Alliance program really gets into these details (through hours of videos and song critiques so you don't make my mistakes)!

Be kind! Spread the word!

Evan has been writing & recording music since 2nd grade. He's thrilled to have his songs have been played on NPR, the Outdoor Network, Netflix, and more. He's taught 100,000's of folks how they too can make better music and get it licensed.

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