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Pond 5 Music Licensing Side Hustle Earnings October 2018


October 2018 was a pretty good month of music licensing for me. I earned more than $270 on Pond 5 from my music licensing side hustle. 

At the beginning of 2018, I took several of my best selling songs off of Pond 5 to put them exclusive on another site. And for most of 2018, I’ve been ignoring Pond 5 to submit songs to exclusive libraries and to upload my existing songs on some other sites (I’ll update you on these pursuits when I have more data to say if it’s worth your while). 

So most of 2018 has been slow. But I finally started uploading to Pond 5 again in September, and quickly saw my earnings start to grow again.

October 2018 music licensing earnings report

Sound effects contributed to my October 2018 music licensing earnings

As you can see, I had one really big day where I earned $60 from three sales. A lot of days where I sold a couple of songs. And then there’s a bunch of small days where I was selling sound effects (I also sold them on big days). 

I’ve now earned hundreds of dollars from selling sound effects. And while it’s not as fulfilling as selling songs, it really adds up. Click below for my quick guide to selling sound effects online.

While my 2018 earnings have been worse than 2017, I the clear reasons why. So I think things are still going strong on Pond 5, but you’ve got to keep your catalog growing to account for changing tastes and a growing music library. As I start uploading to Pond 5 again, I imagine the my earnings will hit new peaks in 2019.

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