Royalty Free Bossa Nova Jazz & Sambas ⋆ Stock Music Musician

Royalty Free Bossa Nova Jazz & Sambas

Since writing Brazilian bossa nova jazz music is one of my passions, I’ve built quite a catalog. Whenever I pick up my guitar, these beautiful songs just flow out of me.

These high quality songs are just the thing to add a little South American spark to your video productions about Brazil.

Once I dug in to the music of Stan Getz, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Gil Gilberto, Astrid Gilberto, Milton Nasciemento, Os Mutantes, and Babel Gilberto, I was hooked.

I mean, who doesn’t love a samba’s pulsing rhythm? Seems like I go weak in the knees for the smooth female jazz vocals! And the haunting melodies and complex jazz guitar chord changes always captivate me.

Energetic Brazilian Samba Stock Music with Female Vocalist

Royalty free energetic brazilian samba stock music

Royalty free energetic Brazilian samba stock music

The cacophony of Brazil’s steamy Amazon jungle gives way to energetic swinging samba drums and samba percussion just in time for Carnival and the Olympics. Furthermore, upbeat Latin jazz horns signal that the party is ready to begin in these 122 bpm edits.

Most edits feature a sultry female vocalist singing in the style of the great Brazilian female jazz singers like Astrid Gilberto.

Sultry Royalty Free Bossa Nova Jazz with Female Singer

This sultry, romantic bossa nova was inspired by the great jazz musicians of Brazil. My inspirations include Antonio Carlos Jobim and Gilberto. And of course, Stan Getz. As a result, these songs feature afro-cuban percussion, silky jazz guitar, and hypnotic bass.

Also, some versions of these royalty free bossa nova jazz songs feature sultry female vocals singing in Portuguese.

Bossa Nova Instrumental Brazilian Guitar Song

Most of these songs feature solo bossa nova guitar. As a result, my royalty free bossa nova jazz guitar songs feel looser. Furthermore, they also have a more contemplative air than the other pieces.

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Evan has been writing & recording music since 2nd grade. He's thrilled to have his songs have been played on NPR, the Outdoor Network, Netflix, and more. He's taught 100,000's of folks how they too can make better music and get it licensed.