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Stock Music Site Reviews

Here are the stock music site reviews based on my personal experience with licensing music on these sites. I've ranked the sites in order and included a brief summary review. In my view, Pond 5 is the best site for music licensing as a beginner. 

If you want more detailed stock music site reviews, you can click on the links below.

Does anyone have different experiences with these sites? Is there anything I missed? Drop me a line!

#1 - Pond 5 is the best site to license music

In my opinion, Pond 5 is the best site for stock music musicians. It splits revenue 50/50, has a large pool of buyers, are a team that is easy to work with. Plus, Pond 5 allows for broadcast royalties, has fair reviewers, and doesn't require an exclusive agreement.

Pond 5 review (where I sell music online)

However, as I note in my Pond 5 review, the site doesn't allow artists any layout flexibility, despite a recent overhaul. Right now it only offers 1 type of license, but Pond 5 recently announced that it is looking to offer more flexibility.

I have been earning about $300 dollars a month licensing my music on Pond 5. 

#2 AudioJungle is a good site to license music

Audio Jungle has a robust market place. There are a lot of eager buyers willing to license your songs there. It is leading the way with offering multiple types of licenses. And Audio Jungle offers best-in-class social media and layout features, which enable artists to really customize our shops and product packaging. You can read the full Audio Jungle Review here.

Audio Jungle Review (Where I sell music online)

However, Audio Jungle sells songs at a low price. It offers non-exclusive artists a measly cut of the low revenue (36%) To make matters worse, it doesn't allow performance royalties. To make maters worse still, it has arbitrary and capricious reviewers and requires artists to jump through all sorts of annoying hoops to upload songs.

#3 Production Trax Review - Maybe Worth Your Time

Nothing great to say here. Production Trax have fair prices and different licenses. They support PROs, and the review process is easy. However, I've had no sales after several months of having (an admittedly small) catalog of a 57 edits that have been popular on Pond 5 (update 11/1/16 I've sold one song earning about $33 which is a great price).  Production Trax offers terrible statistics and features occasional technical problems uploading songs. They offer the ability to pay to have your songs featured, which seems sketchy to me.  Also, it didn't lead to any sales.

Update 11/1/16: I've been adding more songs to Production Trax. While ther edon't seem to be a ton of buyers there, the payouts are good.

Update 12/12/17: I've made three or four total sales out of a pretty small catalog of songs at Production Trax, earning slightly under $100. 

#4 AudioMicro Review - Be Careful!

I want to like Audio Micro. My 112 edits there get a good number of views, and the occasional "favorite." But after several months, I still haven't seen any sales. The upload and tagging process is really easy (they let you upload an Excel file!). And the review times are quick and easy. They let you set your prices. I'm not going to take down my music, but I won't add anything new for the time being.

Update (11/1/16) - I've now licensed 4 tracks on Audio Micro and made (wait for it).... less than $20. I'm going to leave my songs up for a while longer to see if they lead to any back end royalties. But less than $5 per song is not worth it to me.

Update (2018): I've taken all my songs down. First, I don't think the payments are in anyway fair. Sure, these are sales I never would have received, but it's not worth it to de-value my (actually, everyone's music). Also, certain sites won't let you also upload songs that are on AudioMicro. 

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