Unlock the Secret Sauce for Great Sounding Masters

This Reason mastering template is a hyper-intuitive free tool to help bedroom producers like you make their music sound amazing in Reason 11.

It includes all the mastering tools you could want:

  • Subtractive EQ
  • "Glue" Compression
  • Multi-Band Compression
  • Additive EQ
  • Coloring tools, like tape saturation
  • Stereo widening effects
  • A maximizer

Simply download the template, load your files into it, and you're ready to master!

Download the Best Reason Mastering Template, Free!

All the tools you need to make incredible sounding masters in Reason using only stock plugins! Simply drop your finished mix into this template and dial in the perfect sound. 

Note: this template only works with Reason 11.

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