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The Best Site To Sell Your Songs

You won't waste time uploading to music libraries with poor sales or confusing song requirements so you can accelerate your career

The 3 Elements of a Song that Sells

Do you know what every best selling song has in common? Learn the secrets of the pros!

Quickly Build Your Catalog

The exact strategies I've used to create hundreds of songs that have generated over $10,000 in royalties!

Pursue Your Passion!

You've been making music for years - now it's time to get the recognition - and money - you deserve. These are the tips I've used to get songs on TV, Radio, Netflix, and Indie Film.

License Your First Song

You'll get a simple system that shows you exactly how to license your music. Imagine the possibilities and pride you'll feel when you get your first sale!

Learn How to Get Paid to Do What You Love

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How To Make Money as Musician by Pursuing Your Passion

This 5-day mini course will show you exactly how to launch a music licensing side hustle so that you can finally get paid for your music!