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best channel strip plugins

It’s obvious that we’re living in the digital age where mixing in the box with digital audio plugins is the norm. Before plugins changed the game, channel strips were an invaluable part of music production and mixing process. Nowadays, the two worlds have combined to help recreate the tangible world of tweaking knobs on iconic consoles with the power and accuracy of digital control.

Today, we’ll be discussing the top 6 channel strip plugins on the market so you can add some analog flair to your mixes. 


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The Best Channel Strip Plugins


Channel Strip 





American Class A
  • Incredible sound

  • Great compression, saturation, and transient shaping

  • Compatible with Console 1
  • Some may find the EQ curves to be too broad
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iZotope Neutron 4
  • Incredible flexibility and precision
  • Multi-band options
  • AI functionality
  • Incredibly intuitive interface


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McDSP 6060
  • Incredible customization options
  • Nice sounding modules
  • Can feel overwhelming
  • Limited visual feedback
  • Jack of all trades, master of none
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Fat Channel XT
  • Affordable
  • Everything you need to get the job done
  • Not very inspiring
  • Dated look and feel
  • Average sound quality
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UAD API Vision Channel Strip

  • Incredible sound
  • Everything you need to make your tracks sound pro
  • Expensive when not on sale
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Waves SSL EV2

  • Incredible Emulation of SSL 4000E
  • Lovely saturation
  • Affordable
  • Not as good as the UAD emulation, but doesn't require special hardware
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EMI TG12345 Channel Strip

  • Warm vintage tone
  • Tons of vibe
  • Limited frequency choices for EQ
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To make sure you get the most out of your channel strip VSTs, be sure to check the following guides:



And a couple more thoughts. Often a good channel strip plugin can get your mixes 90% of the way there with the built-in EQ and Compression. But sometimes, certain instruments require more powerful/precise EQ or compression. While all of these channel strip plugins are fantastic, some of the more plugins emulate vintage hardware channel strips that had fairly limited options for tone shaping. With plugins like the Waves EMI TG12345, for example, you'll probably need to add in separate EQs and compressors from time to time.

To help you out, we've put together reviews of the best EQ plugins and best compressor plugins so you can make sure that you've got your mixing under control!


Best Channel Strip Plugin - SofTube American Class A


From brilliant, in-your-face vocals to face-melting electric guitars to speaker-busting drums, this channel strip plug-in can do just about everything. The SofTube American Class A plugin is based on the greatest classic American console hardware.

And by American console, when we mean API - and API means great sound mixers!

The American Class A plugin comes with a shape section, including a transient designer, a gate, high and low-pass filters, a four-band EQ, and a unique compressor that you can switch between feedback and feedforward. The output section is warm and crunchy, giving you a fat, analog drive.  

Some of the best rock records were recorded on the American Class A, including records from Soundgarden, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, and Foo Fighters. We highly recommend it for bus processing, especially on drums, making it one of the best channel strip VST plugins for mix down.



Even though you can push this thing to the limits, you can also get quite accurate with half and quarter turns on the EQ. 

One thing to note is that the plugin integrates nicely with the SofTube Console 1 and a channel strip, providing the benefit of the analog features and workflow on Console 1. I have found that combining the Console 1 with this plugin gives me incredible results with lightening fast speed for unparalleled ease of use.

Pros of the American Class A Channel Strip

  • Incredible sound

  • Great compression, saturation, and transient shaping

  • Compatible with Console 1

Cons of the American Class A Channel Strip

  • Some may find the EQ curves to be too broad



Overall, if you’re looking for a large sound, we recommend going with the American Class A.

You can also check out Universal Audio's modeling of API's flagship console, which is also a thing of beauty (and it doesn't require UAD hardware). It has all the power and sound of the original, plus powerful modern features including the option of using API's legendary graphic EQ for more precise control, though it lacks SofTubes Transient Shaper and drive coloring controls.

The two API plugins booth sound great. If you own a Console 1, then definitely get the SofTube version. If you don't, then see which one is on sale.


Most Advanced Channel Strip Plugin - Neutron 4


Neutron 4 from iZotope is an all-in-one solution for mixing. It offers just about everything you could want in a channel strip, including an EQ, compressor, transient shaper, and exciter. One unique thing about Neutron 4 is that you can split your audio into three separate bands and process each of those bands independently. Many of its sections also offer mid/side processing 

Neutron consists of a bunch of powerful tools loaded into individual modules (i.e. EQ, compressor, gate, transient shaper, distortion/trash) that you can move as you see fit to create the perfect signal chain for each channel. From there, you can tweak each module as you see fit. One of the great things about Neutron is that you can blend in each module, so you can easily do parallel compression in a snap! All this flexibility makes it one of the best channel strips available.

Of course, the main reason people look to Neutron is the Track Assistant, which creates processing preset based on your audio. You can pick an instrument category and mix that instrument using one of three Track Assistant styles. You can then pick how intense you want to apply on that particular preset. The AI in Neutron 4 is incredibly powerful, and can help you quickly come up with a starting point for your tracks.



The plugin allows you to use up to 12 EQ points as well, giving you total control over the tonal balance of your signal. You have a variety of shapes to chose from from a high pass filter to shelf to bands. The transient shaper is also quite easy to use with three contour shapes, including sharp, medium, and smooth. You can even divide your signal into multiple bands and shape those transients separately. 

We were surprised by how versatile the Exciter was when we first used this plugin. You can add a touch of harmonic distortion to your audio using a variety of flavors, including Tape, Tube, Retro, Warm, and Blend profiles. 

While it may not emulate one of the classic channel strips, the modern innovations packed into Neutron may make it the only channel strip you'll need.


Pros of the Neutron 4 Channel Strip

  • Incredible flexibility and precision
  • Multi-band options
  • AI functionality
  • Incredibly intuitive interface

Cons of the Neutron 4 Channel Strip

  • None



Best SSL Channel Strip - SSL Native Channel Strip 2


When it comes to making a legendary emulation of a legendary channel strip, you've got to trust SSL - they designed the original after all! The SSL Native Channel Strip 2 Plug-in is a comprehensive audio processing tool that emulates the iconic SSL 9000K console channel strip, enhanced with SSL's 'Anti-Cramping' technology and an external Side Chain input. It features a versatile 4-band EQ section with parametric LMF & HMF and shelving LF & HF options, which can toggle between bell curves. You can also switch the entire EQ between the E & G Series for different sonic characteristics and apply it to the dynamics side chain for more control.

The Dynamics section houses a separate Compressor and Gate/Expander, with the ability to switch the Compressor between soft and hard knee settings. Both dynamics processors come with fast/slow attack switches and their own side chains, adding flexibility to the sound shaping tools. Additionally, High and Low Pass Filters are included, which can also target the side chain, perfect for refining and enhancing any audio material.



This plug-in stands out as an ideal solution for adding the revered SSL tone and dynamic control to any digital audio workstation setup, offering both classic and modern processing features. Additionally, the plug-in boasts compatibility with SSL 360 and offers hardware control through UC1 and UF8 units, bridging the gap between software precision and hardware tactility.


Pros of the SSL Native Channel Strip 2

  • Incredible tone
  • The flexibility to sculpt any sound you can imagine
  • All you could ever really need


Cons of the SSL Native Channel Strip 2

  • Expensive



Best SSL Channel Strip for the Rest of Us - Waves SSL EV2


As we'll discuss in a moment, UAD makes the best emulation of the Solid State Logic 4000E. But UADs' emulation is expensive, and it requires expensive UAD hardware to run. So it's not a great choice for most of us.

Thankfully, when it comes to SSL consoles Waves have created an SSL 4000E emulation for the rest of us that offers incredible value, while sounding true to the original. At the end of 2021, Waves completely re-engineered their original emulation of the SSL 4000E, and release version 2, the EV2. 



This new SSL emulation features even richer harmonic saturation, a new "mic mode" for more extreme gain settings, two different options for EQ curves (it now models the classic "Black" and "Brown" versions of the original console), and that same fat SSL compressor that we all love.

It includes plenty of flexible routing options so you can reconfigure your internal signal chain. For example if you want to place the EQ before or after the compressor.

This is one of those channel strip plugins that you can insert on all your individual tracks and just turn on the compressor module (with no gain reduction) and your track will already start to feel richer. Plus it includes over 600 presets from the pros!


Pros of the SSL EV2 Channel Strip

  • Incredible sound
  • Everything you need to make your tracks sound pro
  • Affordable

Cons of the SSL EV2 Channel Strip

  • None



Best SSL Channel Strip Runner Up - UAD SSL 4000 E


There is no doubt that Universal Audio is one of the leading plugin companies around and their emulation of the SSL 4000 E hardware unit is proof of that. While it might seem like your typical SSL-style EQ, there are some unique features built into this emulation that set it apart. Their SSL 4000 E emulation is top notch... but it requires a dedicated UAD audio interface to run it. If you've got a UAD audio interface, than the good news is that you can free up CPU you processing with this emulation... but if you don't you're SOL.



For example, you have the black and brown EQ curve, which you can toggle between for different sounds. I love the feel of turning on brown mode and doing a 3-dB low-frequency boost on the drums to really help the low end move some air. It is also the only SSL plugin that includes real emulations of SSL’s preamps, giving you unique sweet spots for more character and harmonics. For this reason, we highly recommend the SSL 4000 E for tracking, as you can get the character of the preamp on the way into your DAW.


Pros of the SSL 4000 E Channel Strip

  • Incredible sound
  • Everything you need to make your tracks sound pro

Cons of the SSL 4000 E Channel Strip

  • Expensive
  • Requires UAD Hardware to run




Of course, one thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to run this plugin without Universal Audio hardware.


Bx_Console N


The bx_console N plugin by Brainworx has revolutionized digital audio workstations (DAWs) by bringing the legendary sound of the Neve VXS console into the digital realm. This plugin is not just an ordinary emulation; it’s a groundbreaking achievement that captures the unique character of each of the 72 channels of Dirk Ulrich's rare Neve console, thanks to Brainworx's Tolerance Modeling Technology. This technology ensures that users experience the authentic analog warmth and depth that Neve consoles are famous for, right within their DAW.

In other words, every channel you put this on will be slightly different. Over the course of a mix, these minor differences will add up to a more organic sound. In essence, this is a mixing desk emulation, not just a channel strip emulation.

Beyond simply replicating the Neve sound, the bx_console N enhances it with exclusive Brainworx features, making it even more versatile than the original console. From adjustable compressor release times to dedicated high-pass filters in the compressor’s sidechain, the plugin offers modern solutions to mixing challenges. It also introduces digital-only features like parallel compression and channel-independent saturation control, expanding the creative possibilities for producers and engineers.



In essence, the bx_console N transcends traditional emulation, providing not just the sound but the full experience of working with a Neve console, augmented with contemporary features that cater to today's production needs. It’s more than a plugin; it's a complete Neve VXS console experience, redefined for the digital age.

While this Plugin Alliance channel strip is incredibly powerful, I for one find the interface to be a little overwhelming. I find that when I have to think about what buttons do, I end up being less inspired, leading to worse results.


Pros of the Console N

  • Classic Neve sound
  • Incredible flexibility
  • Simulation of entire mix desk for even more authenticity

Cons of the Console N

  • Price
  • Layout



Most Customizable Channel Strip Plugin - McDSP 6060 Ultimate Module Collection


The McDSP 6060 is made up of 30 unique modules, including EQ, compression, distortion, saturation, dynamic range expansion, specialized filtering, gating, and much more. There is even a unique custom module that includes bass-optimized biasing to give you a low-end that is larger than life.  

All of the modules from 6020, 6030, and 6050 are included as well, including specialized filters, signal saturators, expanders, and gates. While all of these modules might seem a bit overwhelming at first, there are plenty of high-quality presets to get you started, including those from some top engineers like Bob Horn, Mike Dean, ROCAsound, Neal Avron, and Lovy Longomba.



The easy-to-use drag and drop design allows you to mix and match the various modules to your liking, building the perfect plugin chain for your needs. You can even record with the channel strip on an insert, as it has an ultra-low latency design. 


Pros of the McDSP 6060

  • Incredible customization options
  • Nice sounding modules

Cons of the McDSP 6060

  • Can feel overwhelming
  • Limited visual feedback
  • Jack of all trades, master of none 



One unique thing about the McDSP 6060 is that the company is constantly working on new modules. If you ever get tired of the modules or feel that you need something more, you can look forward to it.


Best Channel Strip for 80s Clarity - BX Brainworks Focusrite SC

In the mid-80s, a collaboration between Sir George Martin and Rupert Neve birthed Focusrite, aiming to bring unparalleled audio quality to Martin's AIR Montserrat studio. From this partnership emerged the ISA-110 channel strip, renowned for its pristine sound and forming the foundation of the legendary Focusrite Studio Console. Despite its rarity—with only ten ever made and nine remaining—this console became a cornerstone for dynamic, precise mixing, gracing studios and records by major artists like Green Day and No Doubt.



Today, the essence and unmatched sound quality of the console Focusrite SC are accessible in digital form through the bx_console Focusrite SC plugin. Officially sanctioned by Focusrite and powered by Brainworx's innovative technology, this plugin captures the original console's unique characteristics, offering the same depth, width, and punch that defined countless hits. With added modern features like THD control and a Mix knob, the bx_console Focusrite SC plugin brings the legendary Focusrite sound into today's home studios, allowing producers everywhere to partake in a piece of music production history. 

On top of that, the Focusrite SC features Brainworx patent-registered “Tolerance Modeling Technology” which simulates channel-to-channel variances in electronic components for the most realistic analog sound, like other Brainworx channel strips. This means that if you have the channel strip on multiple channels, you'll end up with a more organic sound as the slight differences between each channel cascade across the mix.


Pros of the Focusrite SC

  • Very unique, powerful and punchy sound
  • Simulation of entire mix desk for even more authenticity
  • Fantastic dynamics section

Cons of the Focusrite SC

  • Dated graphics
  • A little pricey



Smoothest Sounding Channel Strip Plugin - Summit Audio Grand Channel


The Summit Audio Grand Channel seamlessly marries the silky operation of the EQF-100 parametric passive equalizer with the gentle yet commanding presence of the TLA-100A compressor, creating a channel strip of exceptional versatility that promises to satisfy a broad spectrum of your mixing requirements.

This powerhouse plugin unites the warmth and nuanced tone shaping capabilities of the Summit Audio EQF-100 Full Range Equalizer with the rich, user-friendly dynamics of the Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor. The integration of these two in a single plugin streamlines the mixing process, addressing the interactive nature of compression and equalization where adjustments to one often necessitate tweaks to the other. By default, signals flow first through the equalizer then to the compressor, though a simple switch allows you to reverse this path effortlessly.



When designing the EQF-100 and TLA-100A, Summit Audio skillfully blended the best aspects of vintage tube technology with contemporary reliability, resulting in devices that not only sound phenomenal but are built to last. Now, this exceptional blend of old-school warmth and modern durability is available digitally via the Grand Channel plugin. Adding to the TLA-100A's classic features, the plugin version introduces modern enhancements such as Parallel Compression, Saturation Control, and Low Cut Filtering, either on the input or the detector, enriching the classic unit with contemporary mixing techniques. Dive into the digital realm of Summit Audio and bring the timeless grandeur of their analog classics to your mixes with the Grand Channel.

While it sounds phenomenal and works great on a lot of source material, the limited feature set of this channel strip might not work great for everyone. The dynamics section only includes a compressor, and that compressor offers fairly limited options. But where it works, it sounds phenomenal


Pros of the Summit Audio Grand Channel

  • Silky delicious sound
  • Straightforward controls
  • Inspiring UI

Cons of the Focusrite SC

  • Limited flexibility 
  • A little pricey



Best Value Channel Strip Plugin - Fat Channel XT


Fat Channel XT was created to integrate compatibility between StudioLive and Studio One. With Fat Channel XT, you get unique models of analog compressors and vintage EQs. This plugin is the ultimate channel strip with everything you need to mix, including a gate, a high-pass filter, an expander, a compressor, an EQ, and a limiter.

Beyond the vintage EQ modules and the iconic StudioLive compressor, you get two State Space compressor and EQ models made to emulate analog studio gear. 



The compressor section is extremely versatile, giving you the option to choose between a standard, modern compressor for flexibility, a tube compressor for that vintage, opto-based sound, and a FET compressor that creates an aggressive edge, perfect for bringing out the meat in guitars, drums, and bass. It also includes fixed band low pass filters.

The EQ section is just as versatile, giving you access to a full-featured 4-band EQ for a cleaner, hi-fi sound, a passive EQ for vintage tone-shaping, and a vintage EQ for a musical, solid-state sound. 


Pros of the Fat Channel XT Channel Strip

  • Affordable
  • Everything you need to get the job done

Cons of the Fat Channel XT Channel Strip

  • Not very inspiring
  • Dated look and feel
  • Average sound quality



Of course, beyond the high-quality sound that the Fat Channel XT provides mixers, this plugin is incredibly easy to use. Channel strip plugins can often be overwhelming, especially for those who are new to mixing. The fact that you can hop on this plugin and start twisting knobs to dial in a fat sound is the key to its power. 


Best EQ Channel Strip for Guitar - Arturia's Pre TridA


Arturia's TridA-Pre plugin masterfully resurrects the legendary Trident A Range console, a staple in London's Trident Studios and beloved by a host of musical greats from the golden era of pop and rock. With only 13 original units ever made, this rare console has left an indelible mark on the music industry, shaping the sound of countless iconic records. Now, through Arturia's True Analog Emulation technology, the TridA-Pre brings the distinctive warmth, harmonic richness, and musical EQ of the A Range into the digital domain, offering today's producers and engineers the chance to infuse their projects with the sound that defined an era.

The plugin meticulously emulates the original's enchanting EQ and tonal qualities, adding modern enhancements like Mid / Side processing, Automatic Gain Control, and Stereo Link capabilities—features that expand its utility beyond the original's design. Whether seeking to replicate the toasty saturation of the '70s and '80s or simply desiring a versatile tool for contemporary mixing and mastering, the TridA-Pre stands out for its historical fidelity combined with modern flexibility. This plugin not only pays homage to a studio legend but also offers a piece of music production history, accessible directly within your DAW.



While this is a great EQ and saturation channel strip, it lacks many of the key features of a more robust channel strip. There's no dynamics section, and you can't individually adjust drive (the input and output knobs can be used to drive your signal, though). It sounds great, and I use it a lot for guitars. But I find that it requires either using an additional channel strip or dedicated dynamics plugins to supplement its tools.


Pros of the TridA Pre

  • Affordable
  • Really well-tuned EQ choices with delicious harmonic color
  • Cool interface

Cons of the Pre TridA

  • No dynamics section
  • Limited flexibility 



Waves EMI TG12345 Channel Strip


The Waves EMI TG12345 Channel Strip is modeled on a classic Abbey Road mixing console that was used on song by everyone from the Beatles to Pink Floyd to David Bowie. So you know it can offer incredible results.

This plugin emulation drips with vibe and vintage warmth. 



While it can add a ton of character to your mixes, it is based on a classic design, so it lacks a lot of more precise options like you'd see on a modern console. For example, the EQ frequency choices are very limited, and the compressor has only one attack time. 

Still, that shouldn't be a big deal. Just insert another compressor or EQ before you run it through the board. Or if you want to be really old school, record it right the first time!

While the Waves EMI TG12345 largely hews to its original specs, Waves did update it with some cool modern features. It includes the ability to do wet/dry compression blends and to control the amount of noise the mixer adds.


Pros of the Waves EMI TG12345 Channel Strip

  • Vintage warmth and vibe
  • Simple, but powerful, workflow

Cons of the Waves EMI TG12345 Channel Strip

  • Limited EQ frequency choices



Best Channel Strip for that Other British Sound - British Class A by Softube


In the realm of digital music production, the quest to replicate the revered British Console Sound has been an ongoing adventure. Softube's British Class A channel strip emerges as a beacon in this quest, offering a digital reincarnation of the iconic sound that shaped hits by Queen, Nirvana, and David Bowie, to name a few. This plugin isn't merely an emulation but a precise recreation of the lush, musical character that gave these records their depth, warmth, and silky top-end. With versions tailored for native plugins, Console 1, Amp Room, and Modular, Softube ensures that this legendary sound is accessible across various platforms, making it a versatile addition to any producer's toolkit.

What sets the British Class A apart is Softube's commitment to authenticity and flexibility. By meticulously modeling the Gate, Compressor, EQ, Filters, and Drive of some of the most sought-after console modules, Softube bridges the gap between the vintage allure of the British consoles and the modern production landscape. The result is a plugin that not only captures the essence of the original hardware but also introduces modern enhancements like Parallel Compression and Saturation Control, allowing users to inject their tracks with the classic British sound without compromising on contemporary production standards.




The plugin shines in its ability to bring the characteristics of expensive and rare console modules from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s into today's digital workflows. Whether it’s the low-end techniques, the satiny high shelf, or the Drive/preamp settings, British Class A makes it effortless to dial in the soulful character that made everything sound incredible back in the day. For those looking to add color to their guitar, bass, or synth tracks, or to integrate the iconic sound seamlessly into their mixes, British Class A offers a straightforward path to achieving the celebrated tone of the classic British consoles.

Softube's British Class A is more than a plugin; it's a tribute to the legacy of British music production, reimagined for the modern studio. By combining the charm of vintage analog with the precision and workflow of the digital age, Softube not only pays homage to the iconic British Console Sound but also provides producers and engineers with a powerful tool to shape their sound. Whether you're chasing the warmth and depth of the classics or simply seeking a versatile channel strip for your mixing and mastering needs, British Class A stands out as a comprehensive solution, bringing a piece of music production history into the contemporary creative process.


Pros of the British Class A

  • Vintage warmth and vibe
  • Simple, but powerful, workflow
  • Inspiring Interface with Console 1 Integration

Cons of the British Class A

  • Limited EQ frequency choices



Best Balance of Flexibility and Affordability - Scheps Omni Channel 2


In the world of music production, the quest for the perfect channel strip plugin that marries the warmth of analog with the versatility of digital is never-ending. Enter the Scheps Omni Channel 2, designed in collaboration with Grammy-winning mixer Andrew Scheps, known for his work with Metallica, Jay Z, Adele, and Low Roar. This plugin not only captures the essence of classic analog channel strips but also opens up a world of sound-shaping possibilities that are exclusive to the digital realm.

Andrew Scheps brings his wealth of experience and sonic preferences to the table, offering users a meticulously curated selection of compression, EQ, and saturation tones. The Scheps Omni Channel allows for a high degree of customization, including four preamp saturation colors, four types of compression, and a range of EQ, de-essing, and gating options. The result is a cohesive analog channel strip sound that benefits from Andrew's expert design. 



The Scheps Omni Channel 2 lets you rearrange modules, switch out sounds, and mess with routing to your heart's content.

The second iteration of the plugin, Scheps Omni Channel 2, broadens its sonic capabilities even further. Among the notable additions are the CRUSH saturation for more aggressive distortion, a SOFT soft-knee compressor adding to the existing VCA, FET, and OPT compressors, and a new 24dB-per-octave filter ideal for creative effects. 

Not only does the Scheps Omni Channel 2 come loaded with 250 presets from Andrew Scheps himself, but it also includes contributions from other Grammy-winning mixers, providing users with a wide array of starting points for their mixes. The plugin's ability to reorder the signal chain and its internal and external sidechain options further enhance its versatility. Whether you're looking to inject your tracks with the character of analog preamps, precisely control dynamics, or explore new sonic territories with external VST3 plugins, the Scheps Omni Channel 2 stands out as a comprehensive solution for today's mix engineers, delivering the best of both analog warmth and digital flexibility.


Pros of the Scheps Omni Channel

  • Tons of flexibility
  • Great presets
  • Very affordable

Cons of the British Class A

  • Might be overwhelming to beginners
  • Consider getting Neutron 4 for more AI controls



Best Free Channel Strip Plugin - HOFA System Basic


If you don’t have tons of money to spend on a channel strip, we highly recommend checking out the HOFA System Basic Channel Strip. This piece of freeware comes with the popular EQ section, dynamics section, and FX toolbox from HOFA. The beautiful thing about HOFA is that you can dissect the plugin and use each piece as an individual insert in your DAW.

There are more than 150 presets to get you started, all of which can be edited and manipulated to your liking. 

Overall, there are 29 plugins with flexible processing and routing options, which is pretty incredible considering the fact that the HOFA System Basic is completely free.

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