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How to Master a Song in Reason

Reason is a full fledged DAW, loaded with effects and tools. Not only can you record and mix in Reason, you can also master your songs. If you want to be sure to create loud, punch mixes every time, download this mastering cheat sheet, then keep reading for instructions on how to master your song in Reason.

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What Is Mastering?

At its simplest, music mastering is the final step of getting a song ready to be heard by the public. It involves everything from converting the song to a .Wav or .Mp3 to trimming extra silence. It even includes making sure that the file name is correct!

But when most people think of mastering, the first thing that comes to mind is polishing a song and making it loud. And that's what you'll learn here. 

Before you start mastering, it's a good idea to make sure you're happy with your mix. As the old saying goes, it's better to make your mix sound good than to try to fix it in the master.

So go ahead and...

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