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How Long Does it Take to Write a Song?

A lot of people wonder how long does it take to write a song, and the answer might surprise you. A lot of the best songs a written in well under an hour. For example, Paul McCartney wrote Let it Be in his sleep.

Of course, plenty of songs take longer.

In this article I’m going to dig into the three songwriting scenarios - the instant hit, the slow slog, and the dumpster fire.

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But first, a couple of quick thoughts.

First, a song means music and lyrics (i.e. it’s meant to be sung), and the lyric writing process is the longest part. Second, I’m not talking about writing every single instrument, but rather the chords, vocal melody, hook, and lyrics. In other words, the parts of a song someone might hum.

How Long Does a Song Have to Be?

If you're wondering how long does a song have to be, I'd suggest two minutes as a minimum. If you want to get paid by Spotify...

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5 Secrets for a Song that Sells - Music Licensing Tips!

If you’re interested in licensing your music, here are some secrets for a song that sells! Check out these five simple tips that will make your songs instantly more marketable to start earning a passive income by selling your music.

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1st Secret for a Song that Sells – Keep it Short!

Most successful songs used in licensing are short. Keep it around 30 seconds. Usually, the buyers of stock music are looking to establish a mood quickly and move on.

Just watch HGTV, the Discovery Channel, A&E, whatever. On those shows, songs play for 5-10 seconds before moving on.

Same with commercials, Youtube videos, and corporate scenes. Most buyers aren’t looking for an extensive montage.

2nd Secret for a Song that Sells – Tell a Story

Good production music tells a story efficiently in its short time span. You should force yourself to write a beginning, middle and end...

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How to Write a Song: Intros

If you want to learn how to write a song, the first thing you’ll need is a *strong* intro. As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and that’s as true in song writing as it is in anything else. In fact, as I’ve said in my tips for tips to write a song that sells, having a strong intro is one of the major factors in success.

This is one of the key things I reveal in this free video on how to license music.

Just think about it. People’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. There’s literally 1000’s of songs being uploaded every day. If people don’t like what they hear in the first few seconds, they may not wait around until the better parts of your songs.

That’s why you’ve got to learn how to write an intro to your songs.

Now I’m going to give you guys a template with 5 different styles of intro you can use for writing that killer intro.

These techniques...

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How to Produce One Song a Week

At the end of the day, music licensing is a numbers game.  You need to produce one song a week. The more songs you have out there, the more likely you are to have the right song for the right client. Having more songs means your songs are more likely to be found by prospective clients, and it also means that there are more songs that might fit a specific need.

Plus, the more frequently you write songs, the faster you'll start to improve! 

But having more songs means writing and recording more songs!

And that takes time. I don't know about you, but I never seem to have enough of it.

Over the past few years I've been thinking hard about how I can finish more songs. And that's lead me to a bit of an assembly line process.

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How I FINISH One Song a Week

The first thing to remember is that the goal isn't to just have recordings on your hard drive. You actually need to FINISH your songs. It's...

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