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Don't Upload To All the Stock Music Libraries!

Stop wasting your time uploading to libraries that don’t lead to sales! In this video I'll tell you why you should only focus on the best libraries (and what they are). If you're looking to sell stock music online, you need to work smart!

The "Spray and Pray" Music Licensing Model

Some people advocate a "spray and pray" model of music licensing, where they upload their songs to every non-exclusive library they can find in the hopes of chasing down every last dollar. Unfortunately, many of these sites will either never lead to a sale, or they pay so little that it really doesn't equal more than a few dollars.

I recommend focusing on the best few websites, and spending the extra time honing your craft, making more music, or living your life.

The Opportunity Cost of Uploading to Bad Stock Music Sites

In economics, there's something called "opportunity cost." Basically, it means the cost (in terms of time, money, etc.) of choosing Opportunity A instead of Opportunity B....

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The 9 Best Jobs for Musicians: Side Jobs for Musicians in 2020

I’ve put together the list of the 9 best jobs for musicians, specifically focusing on side jobs for musicians - a.k.a. side hustles that are centered around music. These are perfect jobs for musicians, because they still offer lots of flexibility for building your music career while gigging and taking care of other commitments.

This list of how to make money for musicians isn’t going to focus on things like Uber or Door Dash. Instead, it will talk focus on side jobs related to music!

For example, how you could get paid through a music-focused YouTube channel or by licensing your music online. It also offers modern takes on more traditional music careers: like teaching lessons online, how to work as a studio musician from your home, and how to create and sell sample packs.

We’ve all got bills to pay, but for us musicians it can be especially hard to make ends meet since our work can be so devalued. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read...

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Best Reason 11 Mixing Template

Mixing with a template lets you save a ton of time and get better sounding mixes. After years of using other versions of Reason, I've put together the best Reason 11 mixing template for you, for free.

You can download your free Reason 11 template here.

This Reason 11 template is full of features, from parallel processing to color coding. It also features the best way to use send effects in Reason.

If you want to learn how to use the template and all its powerful features, please watch this video.

Please note that this template only works with Reason 11. If you're looking for a free template that works with Reason 10, check this one out.

Also, if you're not sure how to use templates in Reason, don't worry! This video will show you exactly how to load templates or modify them! 

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How to Setup Kontakt Multi-Output In Reason

Once you learn how to setup Kontakt multi-output in Reason, you'll be able to save a lot of CPU resources and improve performance by needing fewer instances of Kontakt.

Just follow the simple steps laid out in this video, and you'll be layering multiple instruments in Kontakt like a pro. 

However, there is one major downside to using Kontakt multi-outputs in Reason, which is that every instrument with in Kontakt has to be assigned to the same midi channel. Therefore, they all have to play the same notes and rhythms. 

While I do show you a few work arounds in the video, if you know of an even better way to do this, please share!

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Spitfire Studio Brass Review and Demo

Today we’ll review Spitfire Audio’s incredible new Studio Brass Pro package. This brass collection is one of the most lifelike, usable brass vsts I’ve used. You can clearly hear how all the articulations of a wide range of brass instruments, played through a range of microphones, can sound so present.

Spitfire Studio Brass Playability

But what I love about this VST is not just how good it sounds – it’s how playable it is. Once you start using it, you’ll see how the instruments are setup in a way to be played naturally. If you just use your ears, they’ll tell you which ranges to play them in, which articulation would sound best, and how to control their dynamics. It’s a very organic process, and helps you feel really connected to the process of writing brass.

What’s Included

Spitfire Studio Brass Pro is loaded full of instruments and articulations that can take you anywhere from mellow, moving slow lines to powerful...

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Fab Filter Pro-Q 3 Review & Tips

I’ve tried a lot of EQs in my life. Each one promising some incredible vintage model the promised to make my life better. To be honest, none of them really have done much for me – until the Fab Filter Pro-Q 3.

And that’s not hype (you can watch my Fab Filter Pro-Q 3 review and see I’m not lying – I’ve got a terrible poker face).

You see, the Pro-Q 3 doesn’t emulate any legendary device, it doesn’t do saturation, it doesn’t have any magic fairy dust. It just lets you make smart, well-informed mixing decisions.

Unlike other plugins, it presents you with tons of extra information that allows you to be a better mixer. And when you use EQ better, you don’t need any fairy dust.

It’s also loaded with amazing features like mid-side processing, dynamic EQ, and a spiffy visualizer. I did a whole post here on how powerful mixing with the Pro-Q 3 can be. Plus there’s a ton of curve shapes, from filters to shelves....

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Spitfire Audio Eric Whitacre Choir Review

Today I’m gonna review Spitfire Audio’s new choir the Eric Whitacre choir.  This is a beautiful, lush choral standalone VST. It doesn’t require Kontakt. 

Note: this review is based on a free review copy of the plugin, I was not compensated otherwise.

Here is a video review of the Choir so you can actually hear it in action:

The Eric Whitacre Choir Sound

The Eric Whitacre Choir sounds great for so many different types of choir sounds – especially these lush arrangements. Sounds that sort of move effortlessly.

But there are also shortcomings to it though which we’ll get into in a second.

The Eric Whitacre Choir Interface

The interface is very easy to understand. This is a standalone VST, like I said, so it’s not a familiar Kontakt player(for better and for worse).

I think it works pretty well it’s not too different from the Kontakt VSTs that Spitfire makes. And it’s very similar to Spitfire’s free line of Labs...

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10 Best Free Reason Rack Extensions

Today I want to show you the 10 best free reason rack extensions. Now I’ve done a video like this previously, but the free rock extensions are changing all the time.

They’re available at the Propellerhead shop. Just log in and if you’re running reason you should be able to download these and get them into your rack and start doing a lot of fun stuff.

If you’re also looking for the best free VSTs, I made a post about that earlier.

Before we go any farther, I’d just like to invite to let me know if you know of a great free rack extension. If so, please leave a comment down below. There’s probably 20 to 30 free rack extensions available, so I’ve tried to do a bit of editorializing about the ones that I’ve enjoyed a lot. 

They’re not listed in any order. Without further ado, the best free Reason Rack Extensions.

KiloHartz Chorus

The first one I have here is the chorus by KiloHartz. This is just a really nice really...

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How to Use Reason's Drum Sequencer

Today we’ve got an overview of Reason’s new drum sequencer player. 

This here is just going to be an overview of Reason 10 Drum Sequencer features and I’m also going to make a video on some of its more advanced abilities.

As an overview of the drum sequencer, let’s talk about a few things. So it’s a drum player. Great. We’ll start from scratch and we’ll look at everything in it. So you have eight channels here which are mapped to the notes. Which is crucial, because this will allow you to use it with any device in reason or you can use this with any type of device for example you could use it with Battery by Native Instruments which is a third party vs Team. Basically you can use it with any instrument, but a drum sequencer works best with drums I think.

Overview of Reason’s Drum Sequencer Features

Now if you click on the numbers along the left it will trigger the sound. Then you can go to the next column here and type in the...

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Best Mouse for Recording Music

I needed to find the best mouse for recording, because, (and I don’t know about you), but after a long session, my hand starts to cramp up. So I’d been looking for a more ergonomic mouse, but also one that would speed up my workflow. 

After I lot of research, I settled on the Logitech G602 as the best mouse for recording music.

The Best Mouse Hotkeys for Recording

The Logitech G602 makes using Reason so much faster. It’s got 11 buttons that are super easy to program, a comfortable ergonomic grip, and a hassle free wireless design. With Reason, this works great because I’ve mapped 3 of the buttons to each of the major screens (mixer, rack, and sequencer). I’ve mapped three more buttons to the razor tool, the selection tools, and the mute tool in the sequencer. Another button quickly flips around the rack.And two more buttons… well I’m still trying to figure out the best use for them. Maybe zoom? How would you use...

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