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BMI Royalty Statement Q2 2023

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BMI Royalty Statement

Evan here, coming at you with a fresh perspective on what it's like to dip your toes into the world of music licensing. Buckle up, because today I'm giving you an exclusive peek at my own music licensing royalty statement from the last quarter of 2023. Yes, you read that right – my journey from the first quarter's tunes to my latest earnings.

Here's the deal: I'm all about music licensing, but on a part-time basis. For those of us with full-time jobs, music licensing can be a rewarding side-hustle financially and in terms of pride. And hey, this isn't about showing off – it's about showing you what's possible with a bit of elbow grease.

This latest statement? A neat sum of around $220. Not too shabby for a part-time gig, right? Most of these earnings hail from an exclusive library I've teamed up with, but a few other gems are from another exclusive library and popular sites like Pond5 and AudioJungle. They include major shows like: Summer House, Real Housewives of the Potomac, and 90 Day Fiance.


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Now, let's break down my royalty statement. We've got tracks on commercial radio (hello, 44 cents!), and a mix of song earnings based on various agreements and collaborations. Some songs are solo efforts, while others are collaborations, affecting how much I pocket per song.

The TV scene's been good to me – shows like "Summer House" on Bravo and "Celebrity Beef" on E! have featured my tracks. And let me tell you, "Celebrity Beef" with Joel Mchale is a riot of a show – definitely worth a watch. One thing to note is that the earnings vary based on the show's popularity and the network's payout rates.

Then there's the streaming world. My songs on platforms like Pandora and Amazon don't bring in heaps of cash, but they're consistent earners. Interestingly, different streaming services have varying payout rates. Some like HBO Max seem more generous than others.

But here's the kicker: it's all about stacking those song placements. Every quarter, even older tracks continue to pay off, like this one song that's been raking in royalties for over five years now.

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Until next time, keep those tunes flowing and those dreams growing.

From a Frustrated Producer in a Ragtag Bedroom Studio to Major Placements on TV Earning $1,000s!


My name is Evan, and I've been making music since around 3rd grade. I'm from San Diego, California, but I've lived in Washington, DC for the last 20 years.

After 3 grueling years of grad school, though I had put aside serious attempts at making music. I found myself spending my days doing work that was dreadfully uncreative, with a ton of student student loan debt.
Which made me feel like my favorite parts of myself were withering.
But I didn't know what to do about it.
Being in my early 30s with tons of student loan debt, in a world where there is "no money in music," I felt like my youthful dreams of trying to "make it big" were dead. Like my music would remain unheard in my head and hard drive. 
Frustrated by my inability to get my music heard, I started researching solutions.
Instead, I wanted to find a way where I could focus on making the music and let someone else deal with promoting it. 
I realized the music licensing was the perfect opportunity for a solo artist like me to get my music heard, without having to do any promotion. I just need to focus on improving what I could control - my songwriting and my production skills.

While I still have a full-time day job, I have created systems that have allowed me to produce dozens of songs a year in my spare time.

My¬†songs have been on Netflix, TV shows like the 90 Day Fiance, an award-winning indie film, and NPR‚Äôs ‚ÄúAll Thing Considered.‚ÄĚ They've also been streamed millions of times.

In addition to being a music producer, I am passionate about teaching people how they can make professional-sounding music and earn money licensing it, all in their spare time.

Thousands of musicians, like yourself, have trusted me to guide their musical journey. My YouTube videos have been watched nearly a million times. And my story has been in Forbes, Side Hustle Nation, and the Side Hustle School.

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