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The 4 Best Music Libraries Accepting Submissions: A List of Music Submission Opportunities

Here are the four best music libraries currently accepting submissions by composers and producers. I’ve been licensing my music for the past five years, and this information is directly based on my experience earning thousands of dollars through licensing on these sites.

To get the most out of your music library submissions and start earning money from your music by signing up for this free 5 day music licensing challenge!

I’ve found music licensing to be one of the best ways to earn passive income as a musician. I was able to earn over $10,000 in less than four years through my music licensing side hustle. And most of that money came through submitting my music to these four libraries.

There are lots of lists of libraries with music submission opportunities, but most of these aren’t based on personal experience. They're just a list someone put together with some Googling.

I’ve uploaded my music to a lot of sites, and most of them don’t result in any...

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Do These 5 Things Before Submitting to Music Libraries

Have you been interested in earning money from your music by licensing it? Well, before you start submitting your music to libraries, be sure to do these five things. If you don't, you're more likely to get reject by libraries and earn less from your songs!

  • Write Songs with Strong Intros
  • Make Sure Your Song is Constantly Evolving
  • Mix & Master Your Song Well
  • Only Focus on Uploading Your Songs to the Best Libraries
  • Be Sure to Register with a PRO for Backend Royalties

We'll get into each of these topics below. But in case you're not yet sure what you're doing, check out this complete beginner's guide on how to license your music.

And if you're looking for a little more structured guidance, I invite you to join hundreds of students who have taken part in this free five-day music licensing challenge.

Write a Strong Intro

Before you submit your song to a music library, be sure to really think about its structure. I want you to pay special attention to the intro.

Now, put...

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Don't Upload To All the Stock Music Libraries!

Stop wasting your time uploading to libraries that don’t lead to sales! In this video I'll tell you why you should only focus on the best libraries (and what they are). If you're looking to sell stock music online, you need to work smart!

The "Spray and Pray" Music Licensing Model

Some people advocate a "spray and pray" model of music licensing, where they upload their songs to every non-exclusive library they can find in the hopes of chasing down every last dollar. Unfortunately, many of these sites will either never lead to a sale, or they pay so little that it really doesn't equal more than a few dollars.

I recommend focusing on the best few websites, and spending the extra time honing your craft, making more music, or living your life.

The Opportunity Cost of Uploading to Bad Stock Music Sites

In economics, there's something called "opportunity cost." Basically, it means the cost (in terms of time, money, etc.) of choosing Opportunity A instead of Opportunity B....

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5 Lessons to License Your Music Online

I’ve been seriously trying to license music online for about a year now. In the process of learning how to license stock music online this year, I’ve come up with five helpful tips I’d like to share.

This free video shows how to license your music online!

1. Don't Wait to Start Licensing Your Music - Start now!

I first heard about licensing stock music a couple of years ago. But like most things in life, I heard about it, I thought “huh, that’d be cool,” and promptly went on with my life.

Then, a year later I heard about it again. This time I actually signed up for a site (Audiojungle), and uploaded some songs. One of these royalty free songs was accepted, and even sold, netting me a cool $7.50.

I was ready for retirement.

Of course, Audiojungle also rejected a metric CRAP-TON of my songs. So I got frustrated and stopped trying to make royalty free music for a while.

About 6 months after that, April 2015, I finally...

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What is Royalty Free Music?

What is Royalty Free music? What’s Stock Music? What’s Production Music? What’s the difference?????


These terms can all be so confusing. It took me months to figure out what they each mean.

In fact, the terms royalty free music, stock music, and production music, mean the same thing (most of the time)!

But that’s not even the frustrating part!


Because they’re often used incorrectly. Awesomesauce.

The difference between Royalty Free Music, Stock Music, and Production Music?

Ok, by now you’re probably thinking “WTF. This is absurd.”

And you’re right.

These, the terms are pretty much used interchangeably, and that’s how I use them on this site.

If you want more info, you can check out this video I made.

What is Royalty Free Music?

Typically, if someone writes a song, there are several different ways to make money.

The first type of right is called a mechanical royalty. It just means that whenever a...

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Should You License Your Music?

It took me a long time to convince myself that I should license my music. I struggled with a lot of issues.

  • Are my songs good enough?
  • Can I record a professional sounding track?
  • Am I a sell out?

Do these sound familiar?

So how did I finally convince myself that I should license my music?

Some people call this “imposter syndrome.” And the truth is that everyone suffers from it – even genuine pros. Just remember that everyone had to start somewhere!

How to Feel Confident in Your Songwriting

Well, first, I just kept writing songs. I wrote my first song more than 20 years ago. But that doesn’t mean that I’m an expert, or that I only write good songs, or that every (or most) songs I write are good.

What experience has given me is perspective. At least now I’ve written enough songs to know which ones are genuinely BAD. But because I’ve written enough songs, I’m not emotionally attached to these turds. I can let them rot on my hard drive...

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How to Mix Your Own Music - A Simple Hack to Improve Mixing

Everyone wants better mixes, but struggles with mixing music. Learning how to mix your own music is really challenging.

Better mixes take a lot of it skill, and learning how to mix music is a lifelong undertaking.

Some plugins and gear can help.

And more knowledge about how to mix music always help.

But the secret sauce to good mixing is process!

That’s right – you can have all the tips, tricks, gear, and plugins, but if your workflow sucks, your music mixes probably will too.

Sure, everyone is going to mix differently, with a different process. Some people like to use effects on the master bus. Some prefer to start mixing in mono (which you should definitely do at some point in your mix)!

Sometimes the choice of workflow is determined by the type of some you’re working on. For example, if a singer is really the star of the show, you may need to get her voice right first, before moving on. If it’s an EDM or Hip Hop song, you may need to start with the...

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How to License Your Music - Beginner’s Guide to Licensing Songs Online

Do you want to know how to license your music? Whether you dream of learning how to license your music for film and tv, or just need to earn a little income on the side, licensing your music can be incredibly rewarding.

Just a quick note about music licensing, though - it’s not a “get rich quick” scheme or a road to instant fame. but if you keep at it, you will find success.

This guide on how to license your music will cover the following topics:

  • An Overview of Music Licensing
  • What is Sync Licensing?
  • How to Write a Song that Can be Licensed
  • How to Record a Song for Licensing
  • Mix & Master your song for Licensing
  • Creating Alternate Mixes
  • Getting Your Songs Ready for Licensing
  • Where to License Your Music - Including the Best Sites to License Your Music
  • How to upload and tag the song with keywords
  • How to license your music for film and TV
  • Earn more money from licensing your music by registering with a Performing Rights...
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Pond 5 Review (Where I License Music Online)

I sell music online on several websites, but in this Pond 5 review, I want to share why it is the best sites for licensing your music. And the only stock music site I’d wholly recommend for musicians.

(Note that this is a referral link, meaning I get a commission if you purchase anything from the Pond 5 - but I don’t not get a referral for recommending that you sign up as an artist. It's just my honest belief it's the best site for folks new to licensing)

First, a little background on my experiences selling music on Pond 5 before jumping into this Pond 5 music licensing review. I joined Pond 5 around April 2015. I licensed my first royalty free song, an energetic classic blues rock intro, for $15. However, I've raised the prices now that I actually understand the value of my songs. Sales slowly trickled in and started building from there.

Since then, I’ve made over a $1,000 selling music on Pond 5. Lately, I've been averaging...

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How Music Licensing Pays My Bills

What if I told you that music pays my bills?

Imagine if you could pay your bills as a musician through the money you earned selling your music?

Or if you made enough money selling music to donate to your favorite charity?

Imagine if you had a little extra money left over at the end of the month to buy a pitcher for your friends?

Well here’s how. Licensing your music is not rocket science. It’s earned me over $10,000, and I’m just an average guy working part time making music in his living room.

Want to learn how you can money on the side with your music? Take my free course!

All you’ve got to do is take the first step.

Honestly, that’s the hardest part. I struggled so much with whether or not I should license my music. I was worried about whether it was good enough. I was worried about being a sellout. I was lazy.

I was scared.

Since I started selling music online last year, I’m now able to consistently pay my bills for my major expenses each...

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