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Best Microphone Arms for Blue Yeti

Best Microphone Arms for Blue Yeti

As one of the most popular microphones on the market, it’s no surprise that there are hundreds of different accessories available for the Blue Yeti. For podcasters, content creators, and music producers, one of the most important accessories to have is a microphone arm 

The best microphone boom arms will improve you sound quality in 2 key ways: 

  • You can position the microphone in the perfect position to maximize the audio quality of what you perform
  • You can avoid picking up unwanted rumbles and other sounds with an adjustable shock mount

A quality microphone arm can help you position and stabilize your microphone for optimal recording, no matter your desktop setup. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the top 10 best microphone arms for the Blue Yeti microphone on the market today!


InnoGear Boom Arm Microphone Mic Stand (Best for home studios on a Tight Budget)


InnoGear has long been known for its high-end gear, and the Boom Arm Microphone Stand is a versatile choice if you want flexibility and durability in the studio at a great value. 

Its fully adjustable design allows for 360° base rotation, extensive arm movement, and easy microphone repositioning, making it suitable for just about any recording environment. The stand's unique design includes dual suspension springs, which also addresses common issues with spring deformation, giving you a longer lifespan and superior stability. 



With solid construction, it can support heavier mics with a maximum load of 3.3lbs (the Blue Yeti weighs just over 2 pounds), providing silent and effortless positioning.  

And with the versatile desk clamp design, it’s compatible with most desks!



Rode PSA1 (Best Boom Arm)


Though it may be a lot pricier than the above choices, it’s hard to go wrong with pro audio equipment from Rode.

The Rode PSA 1 is the perfect broadcast-style professional studio desk boom arm. If sturdy construction and seamless, noise-free operation are what you’re after, it’s hard to think of a better choice in the price range. 



This high-quality boom arm offers built-in cable management, full 360-degree rotation and a 33" vertical reach make it the ideal choice for positioning your mic to eliminate unwanted background noise. However, it is not a great choice for heavier microphones with a max weight of only 2.4 lbs.

Beyond the Blue Yeti, It’s compatible with most microphones thanks to its standard microphone threading, like the Blue Snowball, making it a versatile choice for podcasters, streamers, and recording artists.

 You get two desk mounting options for different setup needs and preferences, and it’s super easy to adjust in a pinch.



Summon Boom Microphone Stand


The Summon Boom Microphone Stand is solidly built and highly adaptable. It’s hard to want more from a microphone arm.



Of course, beyond the Blue Yeti, it’s also compatible with a wide array of microphones, including popular models from HyperX, Shure, and Rode. Its premium all-tube design and robust metal construction can support microphones weighing up to 3.5 lbs, giving you stability without the risk of dropping. 

Best of all, unlike other stands with noisy springs, the Summon stand offers completely silent operation, making it ideal for professional recording environments. 



Tonor RGB Boom Arm Mic


In the wide world of mic arms, the Tonor RGB Boom Arm is a game-changer.



Beyond offering the practicality of a sturdy mic stand, it also enhances your space with cool RGB light effects. There are 11 light modes to match your mood or game! This adjustable arm is an excellent choice for YouTube videos thanks to its extra pizzaz. 

This splash of color and light is awesome for those who want to create a more immersive atmosphere in their home studio. It’s compatible with tons of popular microphones, including Yeti and HyperX QuadCast, and offers 360° rotation for excellent maneuverability.



Youshares Blue Yeti Microphone Arm


Designed with a universal 3/8" to 5/8" adapter, the Youshares Blue Yeti Microphone Arm offers unparalleled compatibility. At a mid-range price, it’s a good upgrade from a cheap Blue Yeti boom arm.

The construction is ultra-functional, meaning you never have to worry about sagging. Like many other arms on this list, it can support up to 3 lbs and offers 360° rotation and adjustable knobs for precise angle control.




Whether you’re recording, streaming, or broadcasting, this high-quality steel microphone arm can stand the test of time and keep your studio looking aesthetically pleasing. 



Gator Frameworks Deluxe


Gator Frameworks makes some of my favorite pro music accessories around, so I wasn’t surprised when I found out the company also makes one of the sturdiest microphone arms around



The mic arm is a true testament to their thoughtful engineering, providing 360° rotation with minimal noise, allowing for quick and quiet adjustments during the recording process.

With the fixed, internally guided 10-foot XLR cable, it’s also incredibly convenient, especially for those who loathe clutter on their desk. The spring-loaded articulating arm can support up to 4.4 lbs as well, making it one of the strongest mic arms on this list and a killer high-performance solution for any Blue Yeti users.



Heil Sound PL-2T


The Heil Sound PL-2T may be a bit pricey, but if you want a mic boom arm that’s engineered for professional use, it’s one of the best. Not only does it look great, but it’s also as functional as you’d expect for the price.

The preset internal spring tension ensures silent movement and eliminates noise that can deter your recording quality, which is one of the reasons so many podcasters and broadcasters use it.



Of course, the standout feature is the innovative C-Clamp, which is made to keep it propped up on your desk in the sturdiest way possible. 

Heil makes a good deal of industry-leading equipment that’s durable and made to last, and the PL-2T is one great example.



Fifine Microphone Boom Arm


We also have the Fifine Microphone Boom Arm, which offers a practical design and sturdy construction. If you want to take your podcasting or recording setup to the next level without paying an arm and a leg, it’s a great choice. 

The boom arm is crafted entirely from metal and can support up to 3.3 lbs for total stability and security. 




With a low-profile design, it allows for an unobstructed view, extending neatly from the bottom of your computer screen to save you some valuable desk real estate. The arm stand also features clever cable management options to keep your microphone cables tidy and out of the way. 

With the ability to extend up to 29 inches and comprehensive 220-degree vertical and 360-degree horizontal adjustments, it’s a reliable choice for creators in a number of environments. 



Blue Compass Boom Arm


Finally, there is the Blue Compass Boom Arm offers exceptional versatility and stability for a range of broadcast applications, whether you’re a game streamer or podcaster. It can support microphones up to 2.4 pounds and provides 360° rotation, allowing for precise positioning. Plus it's got a fantastic compact design. 



The arm's hand-tightened friction hinges ensure smooth adjustments and quiet operation, so you don’t have to worry about a squeaky mic ruining your take. Plus, its hidden channel for cable management keeps your setup tidy and organized. 

As an added benefit, the Blue Compass Boom Arm has a carbon-neutral certification, perfect for those who want to be more environmentally conscious.



Questions? Comments?


Let me know what you think about finding the perfect mic arm for a blue yeti in the comments below! 


Frequently Asked Questions: The Best Boom Arm Microphone Stands for the Blue Yeti Mic


1. Why do I need a boom arm microphone stand for my Blue Yeti?

  • A boom arm stand offers flexibility and convenience by allowing you to position your Blue Yeti microphone precisely where you need it. It frees up desk space and helps eliminate vibrations and handling noise for clearer recordings.

2. What makes a boom arm stand suitable for the Blue Yeti mic?

  • Look for a stand that offers sturdy construction to support the weight of the Blue Yeti. It should also have compatibility with the Blue Yeti's mounting system, typically using a standard 3/8-inch or 5/8-inch threading.

3. Can I adjust the position of the microphone easily with a boom arm stand?

  • Yes, most boom arm stands offer multiple points of articulation, allowing you to adjust the height, angle, and reach of the microphone with ease. This flexibility is essential for achieving optimal recording conditions.

4. Are boom arm stands easy to install?

  • Generally, yes. Many boom arm stands come with clamp mounts or desk inserts for straightforward installation onto your desk or table. Some may require minimal assembly, but comprehensive instructions are typically provided.

5. Will a boom arm stand help reduce noise and vibrations during recording?

  • Absolutely! A quality boom arm stand will help isolate your Blue Yeti microphone from surface vibrations and handling noise, resulting in cleaner audio recordings.

6. Can I use a shock mount with a boom arm stand for my Blue Yeti?

  • Yes, many boom arm stands are compatible with shock mounts designed for the Blue Yeti mic. Be sure to check compatibility when selecting your boom arm stand and shock mount.

7. Are there any specific features I should look for in a boom arm stand for the Blue Yeti?

  • Look for features such as cable management systems to keep your workspace tidy, adjustable tension springs for smooth movement, and durable construction materials for long-lasting use.

8. Can I use a pop filter with a boom arm stand?

  • Yes, most boom arm stands for the Blue Yeti are designed to accommodate pop filters or windshields to help reduce plosive sounds and improve audio quality.

9. Will a boom arm stand work with other microphones besides the Blue Yeti?

  • While specifically designed for the Blue Yeti, many boom arm stands feature universal compatibility with other microphone models that utilize standard threading sizes.

10. How do I know which boom arm stand is best for my needs?

  • Consider factors such as build quality, adjustability, compatibility with the Blue Yeti, and any additional features that may enhance your recording experience. Reading reviews and comparing specifications can also help you make an informed decision.

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