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What's the secret of every successful musician? What's the one thing you need to do to stop making "demos" and start making songs that you're proud to share with the world?

Would you believe that you could achieve massive progress as a producer and songwriter, in as little as 3 months?

Here's how...

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"I have really enjoyed having my songs reviewed and am blown away by the helpful feedback I have received. Up until this point I had been doing online course after online course, but getting the chance to have my songs reviewed made a big difference in point out areas I was still lacking in and helpful tips on how to improve, which you wouldn’t get from an online course. One thing that really stands out is you get more than just song reviews, you also get the confidence to know what you’re doing right and the help to improve what you are lacking in. And it’s all done in a nice constructive way, by what I would say is a genuine guy who wants to help." - Kevin C.

You're Struggling With The Quality of Your Music Because You Don't Know What To Improve Next...

Your recording doesn't sound anything like what you hear in your head, let alone what you hear on the radio. But you don't know why!

Did something go wrong when you recorded? Or is it a problem with your mixing skills? Maybe the chord wasn't right?

At the same time, you feel too close to your song to objectively listen to it. And you lack the experience and confidence to trust your instincts.

That's where a veteran songwriter/producer can help. 

Imagine if they could listen to your song and say: "I love what you've done in the chorus, but it sounds like the mix is just a touch too compressed. The lead guitar will sit a lot more organically with a touch of plate reverb. Oh, and to make the chorus really pop, be sure to add a drum fill beforehand!"

And then you could make the changes, and re-submit the song for additional feedback! 

Each time you started a song, you'd gain a little more confidence, a little more clarity. You'd save massive amounts of time, because you'd have a trusted second opinion to rely on. And your music would start to sound professional.

But where could you find someone who can listen to your music with a highly trained ear, but still offer actionable tips in a warm and understanding way?

Rapidly Improve Your Recordings

You'll get personal guidance focused on the most important improvements you can make to your recordings, arrangements, and songwriting

Confidence in Your Music

You'll be amazed at how quickly your songs will improve, giving you the confidence to share more music with the world!

Transform Your Songs!

Stop wondering what your songs could be! Learn exactly what it takes to make them the best they can be.

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"I could really use a fresh set of ears. Thanks so much for your feedback! As always, concrete and actionable advice, I really appreciate that." - Phillip Z.

A Shortcut to Better Music!

On the right, you can see a sample song review, including tips for arrangement, reverb, sound choice, and of course, mixing. 

Because we work together for multiple edits of each song, your song will rapidly improve as you home in on each aspect of the arrangement and mix.

My 100% Quality Guarantee

This advice is designed to:

  • rapidly improve your recordings,
  • build your confidence,
  • save you time by teaching you how to become a more efficient producer,
  • improve the quality of your music,
  • and to be fun and entertaining

If you're dissatisfied for any reason, I offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee. Just shoot me an email.

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"I’m really happy with the changes and will add your further suggestions!" - Kevin C.