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10 Best Free Reason Rack Extensions

best free reason rack extensions

Today I want to show you the 10 best free reason rack extensions. Now I’ve done a video like this previously, but the free rock extensions are changing all the time.

They’re available at the Propellerhead shop. Just log in and if you’re running reason you should be able to download these and get them into your rack and start doing a lot of fun stuff. If you're using Reason 9+ and can run VST plugins, then be sure to checkout my list of the 10 best free plugins for Reason.



If you’re also looking for the best free VSTs, I made a post about that earlier.

Before we go any farther, I’d just like to invite to let me know if you know of a great free rack extension. If so, please leave a comment down below. There’s probably 20 to 30 free rack extensions available, so I’ve tried to do a bit of editorializing about the ones that I’ve enjoyed a lot. 

They’re not listed in any order. Without further ado, the best free Reason Rack Extensions.


KiloHertz Chorus


The first one I have here is the chorus by KiloHartz. This is just a really nice really usable chorus gets those great smooth sounds. Just a few knobs that really can get you going exactly where you want and a wet dry knob mixed in which is always good.


Kuassa Silencer


The second one is a silencer or noise gate by Kuassa. Now the Reason mixer does have a  nice noise gate built into it. But the reason I’m adding this to the list of best free rack extensions is because sometimes you’ll be building a device and need a noise gate in the middle of your effect chain. For example, if you’ve  patched a lot of distortion in the middle of it and you don’t want that distortion feedback to get to a reverb or a delay that’s down the line. And so it can be really useful to drop a noise gate actually in the middle of a patch. 


SoftTube Saturation Knob (probably the best free Reason Rack Extension)


The next free rack extension is a perennial favorite: SoftTube’s saturation knob. It’s really simple. We’ve got one big knob that controls saturation and you get to choose whether or not certain frequencies aren’t affected by the saturation. So for example with a bass guitar kick drum you keep the low frequencies from having the saturation applied to them. This thing sounds beautiful. It’s super easy to use. 


That Music Company’s T2 Phaser


The next one is the T2 Phaser by That Music Company. I actually bought this before it was available as a free rack extension. This is a really powerful phaser, and the interface is a little complicate. There are a lot of controls (frankly maybe too many controls), but it comes with a ton of great presets. Presets on presets. 


That Music Company’s Distort Chain


That music company has made all of their rack extensions available for free download, and this is just a really cool sort of sound destroyer. It’s a great sound design tool that’s with three different modules that you can turn on or off with different distortion or filtering for total sound destruction. And there’s LFOs for high pass filters to delays and modulators. And they each have their own individual wet/dry knobs. They can be modified by an LFO. They’ve got a couple of parameters you can tweak. And different distortion modes, including bit crushing. Also a lot of great presets. 


That Music Company’s Mr. Overdrive


That Music Company again! Mr. Overdrive is just a really good overdrive from That Music Company which has a built in filter which is always nice and also a bit of a stereo widening effect and a wet dry knob.


Turn 2 On’s Pipeline


This is  a weird, wonderful filtering device. It’s kind of like the Audiomatic, but it focuses more on pipe-like sounds. It models dozens of tubes, from plastic PVC to industrial broilers, and includes a wet/dry knob. This can quickly get you into a realm of far out sounds when you need just a little something extra.


AirRaid Audio’s Elements DS-LFO


This is a great dual lfo CV generator – if you don’t already have Pulsar. Pulsar is better, but this guy is free. I use external LFOs to generate CV signals all the time, and this is a great free rack extension for doing that. 

There you have it, the best free Reason Rack Extensions, in my humble opinion. Do you think I missed any? What do you think the best free Reason Rack Extensions are? Let me know in the comments below and maybe they’ll make the next list! 



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