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Best Altiverb Alternatives

best altiverb alternatives

Reverb is an effect that recreates the sound of a room, hall, or other space. And Altiverb’s reverb plugin is considered to be the best reverb plugin around. Unfortunately, it is also wicked expensive.

So in this article, I’ll offer 8 Altiverb alternatives for you that are all way more affordable.



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What is Reverb?


Reverb can make your music sound more like it’s happening in a large concert hall or a small bedroom. It can help to create the illusion that you are listening to a sound coming from somewhere else.

If you want to learn more about the different types of reverb, be sure to check out this article on the 7 types of reverb.


What is Convolution Reverb?


Convolution reverb is an algorithm that uses an impulse response (IR) to simulate the reverberation of a physical space. Convolution reverb is often used as a convolution plugin in digital audio workstations (DAWs). It is frequently used on vocals and drums in order to make them sound like they are being played in different spaces with different acoustic properties.


What Makes Altiverb Special?


Lexicon was founded by David Boulanger and his business partner John Eargle. They have many famous reverb plugins to their name (especially the classic Lexicon 480), but Altiverb is the most powerful VST plugin they make. They were one of the pioneers of digital reverbs, so it only makes sense that they continue to create amazing plugins.



The 8 Best Altiverb Alternatives


Convolution reverb plugins are usually expensive and require a lot of system resources. That's why many people use these alternative plugins instead. Plus you can save a lot of money!


Most Useful Altiverb Alternative - Waves H-Reverb


Waves H-Reverb is a high-end reverb plug-in that delivers incredible precision, flexible control, and state-of-the-art features. Its complex interface may be too CPU intensive for some. And the sheer array of options for adjusting your reverb may overwhelm others.



Waves H-Reverb is a virtual-reverb plugin which has precision never seen before in a reveberation plugin. From built-in duck and saturation modes, to fine tuned controls of pre-delay, echoes, and modulation, H-Reverb gives you tons of control.

But it sounds great and it’s usually on sale, so that’s hard to argue with!



Easiest Altiverb Alternative - Izotope Neoverb


Ever wish you could get professional quality reverb without the hassle of complicated controls? Izotope Neoverb is a simple and intuitive reverb app with a natural, easy-to-use interface. With a host of presets, you can get great sound in seconds.

A built-in AI is able to learn your sonic preferences to make sound suggestions that sound perfect for your content.



Don't have time to mess with complicated reverbs?

Easy and fast, Neoverb is a simplified reverb plugin which eliminates the need to be an expert to have great sound.

It features just the basics: controls for size, color, diffusion, and damping. The downside is that there are no other controls. So, it's not as versatile as some of the higher-end reverb plugins. The upside is that it's easy and fast. If you're just starting out though, you’ll consistently get usable results in no time!



Best Plate Reverb - Arturia RevPlate Reverb


RevPlate is a reverb plugin that delivers the high-quality nuances of a plate reverb, perhaps even better than Altiverb’s convulsion engine. With its amazing sounding feedback and intuitive controls, it's the perfect addition to any VST collection.

What I love about the RevPlate is how warm and forgiving it sounds. Organic, even.



Forget lackluster, digitally modeled reverb. RevPlate is an all-analog, boutique quality plate reverb that captures the warmth and detail of classic mechanical plates. The RevPlate has full control over the sound with parameters like diffusion and damping, and three different modes to chose from. The perfect set of controls for dialing in your sound and a subtle but pleasing visual aesthetic.



Best Spring Reverb Sound - Arturia Spring 636


Ever feel like your mix has that boring, digital sound? It's time to introduce some dimension with a great sounding spring reverb. With tone shaping controls that are a joy to use, you'll be able to craft the perfect sound for any genre of music.

The Spring 636 is the only spring reverb you'll ever need. Granted, a lot of us don’t need that much spring reverb. But when you need it for a guitar part, a vocal, or just to add some mojo, it can transform a lifeless sound into something magical. You're about to join a small fraternity of mixers who rely on the superior sound of a spring reverb.



Arturia has nailed it with this new invention, Spring 636. It's not just a spring reverb. Spring 636 has excellent controls for tone shaping, including pre-delay, dynamic response, and resonance amount. You'll be able to find the perfect spring tone for your track in seconds.



Best Creative Alternative to Altiverb - Eventide Blackhole


Eventide Blackhole is effect plug-in that lets you control the intensity of reverb/delay by giving you the ability to distort it in a variety of ways. Blackhole is the only plug-in of its kind and includes an innovative design, three distortion modes, and a versatile interface. Eventide Blackhole opens up exciting creative possibilities that have never been possible before.



Eventide Blackhole is an incredibly creative, totally unique and interactive music production tool for producers. Eventide Blackhole ensures that you will not be stuck for a creative idea to use. It has many different genres in one place, making it possible for any producer to find their perfect sound!

That said, sometimes the sounds are too far out, and the controls can be overwhelming. But this beast creates textures far more complicated than any of the other Altiverb alternatives.



Best Altiverb Alternative for Smaller Sounds - Valhalla Room


The Valhalla Room Reverb plugin, you can get the sound of a professional recording studio, hall, church or other acoustic space in seconds. Valhalla room Reverb is an easy-to-use but powerful plugin for anyone who wants to improve their sound by adding the sound of a professional recording studio. Valhalla Room is the ultimate reverb tool for both sound designers, musicians and engineers looking for a powerful yet affordable solution to audio spatialization. If you’re on a budget, it’s probably the best budget alternative to Altiverb.




Classic Tone - UAD Hitsville Reverb Chamber


UAD Hitsville Reverb Chamber is a game changer for your mixing if you're after that classic Motown sound. With a full range of high-quality, detailed, vintage sounding parameters, this reverb is guaranteed to give you the edge in any musical production.



This reverb is modeled after the classic chamber under in Motown Record’s building - Hitsville USA, heard on everything from Marvin Gaye to Diana Ross. You can choose from multiple different placements, two different chambers, two sets of speakers and 4 classic microphone combinations. Add a little pre-delay, and you can quickly dial in a warm, lush chamber sound to bring out those classic vibes. The cool thing is that you no longer have to own a UAD audio interface in order to use one of these plugins - this can be used totally stand alone!



Best Altiverb Alternative with Tactile Controls - TC-Electronics DVR 250


TC Electronic's hybrid reverb unit is both versatile and easy to use, as it features dedicated hardware controls and seamless integration with popular DAWs. It also allows you to set up projects in advance and automate the effects that you have selected.



The plugin and hardware were inspired by an iconic vintage unit, which many considered to be one of the best effects to have ever touched the industry.

It combines some of the best sounding reverbs on the market with effects like delay, echo and chorus. The ‘lollipop’ parameter toggle on the dongle is a great addition because it helps with making things more accurate and intuitive. Just don’t lose the dongle, or the plugin will stop working!


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