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Best Gifts for Drummers

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Best gifts for drummers

If you’ve been seeking out the best gifts for drummers, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re not a drummer but want to show some love to your friend or family member who is, we understand that trying to find something that would excite them could be difficult.

Whether it’s a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, an anniversary gift, or a simple gift to say thanks, we have a list of some of the best drummer gifts in all price ranges. 

This gift guide for drummers is divided into 5 sections:

  • Drum gifts under $50
  • Percussion gifts
  • Drummer gifts over $50
  • Best drum lesson gifts for drummers 
  • Best books for drummers

Let’s dive in to these 60 great gift ideas for drummers! You might also enjoy this guide to 101 Best Gifts for a Musician Boyfriend.

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26 Drum Accessories Gifts for Drummers Under $50



If you’re looking for a nice gift for a drummer, but you’re on a bit of a budget, don’t worry! Here is a list of the most useful, unique, and interesting accessory gifts for drummers under $50. The beauty of these gifts is that though they don’t cost much, drummers will actually use them. In other words, these are the perfect gift for drummers! 

You can purchase one of these things to give as a small gift or combine multiple small gifts to give in a bundle. 


1. Drum Tuning Key


The EastRock Drum key kit is great for keeping drums tuned. These keys are made out of high-end chrome-plated steel, meaning they’ll last forever. They work with all standard ¼” socket square tension rods, meaning you won’t have to worry about compatibility when buying them. In all, it’s one of the most useful gifts any drummer could have!



2. A New Pair of Drumsticks


You can never have too many drum sticks, and the Vic Firth American Classic 5A drum sticks are some of the most popular sticks in the world! The size is great for just about any drummer or genre. With premium wood, you get strength and longevity, while the teardrop tip provides a rich tone for your cymbals. It's always a great idea to have extra sticks!



3. Paradiddle Diddle Pataflafla Drummer Joke Sweatshirt



This cool Paradiddle Diddle Pataflala drum shirt that's a perfect joke shirt for drummers.



4. Stick Bags


The ProMark Drum Stick Bag is a high-end stick bag made of weatherproof ballistic nylon and synthetic leather. It can hold sticks of all shapes and sizes and has a comfortable leather carrying handle for slinging over your shoulder. For added accessory storage, there’s also a handy zippered pocket on the front. 


5. Drum Gloves


Drummers that suffer from sweaty hands or calluses from playing night after night often enjoy the comfort and feel of high qualiy drum gloves. These ProMark Drum Gloves are made with high-end Cabretta leather with breathable mesh, and have specially placed pads for total hand protection.



If you're looking for more options, here are the best drum gloves for drummers!


6. Moongel Drum Gel Dampener


Getting the sound of a dampened snare without having to use towels or tape requires Moongels. These little pieces of gel have been around for many years, and work really well for customizing the sound of your drum heads without having to make any tuning adjustments. This little pack of six moongels is an easy gift that your favorite drummer can benefit from. 


 7. Eargasm Ear Plugs


Playing drums day after day can do quite a bit of ear damage, especially without any protection. These little ear plugs from Eargasm offer high-fidelity ear protection, allowing you to hear your surroundings while protecting you from the most harmful frequencies. They even come with a small carrying case that can be thrown in your drum bag! A good set of ear protection is probably the most useful gift for a drummer. I can't tell you how many of my drummer friends are experiencing hearing loss!


8. Stickers


Many drummers like to customize their gear with stickers, whether it’s their drum heads, their carrying cases, or their sticks. This pack of 100 rock n’ roll-style stickers is great for any drummer that wants to show off their style. Plus, with high-quality PVC vinyl, these stickers will last for years! These novelty gifts can be used to customize a drum kit and show off your drummer's unique personality.


9. Drummer’s Survival Kit


This Drummer’s Survival Kit offers a one-stop shop for all of the essential parts and accessories your drummer might need for keeping their gear in check. The pack includes six cymbal felts, three cymbal sleeves, two hi-hat clutch felts, a single hi-hat cup felt, eight tension rods, 12 nylon washes, two snare wire cords, and a drum key. This pack is a great option as a gift for new drummers.


10. Fresh Drum Heads


No drummer can have enough drum heads. These kit pieces wear out over time, so having a backup set when needed is great. There are all kinds of drum heads available in different sizes and materials. We recommend getting measurements for their kit before purchasing any drum heads for them. You should also asking them which drum heads need replacing, as a bass drum head is very different from a snare drum head or tom heads. Either way though, they'll appreciate the extra tone and punch from fresh heads!


11. Drum Lighting


The Drumlite DLK2D Dual LED Lighting Kit offers a unique plug-n-play way for your drummer to light up their kit, perfect for adding a bit of flair to live performances. This cool gift features LED strips that are custom-fitted and shock-mounted, meaning they’ll work for any drum set. Plus, the kit comes with tour-ready XLR connectors and an intuitive controller box. 


 12. Drum Rug


Help your drummers protect their floors and create kit stability with this quality drum rug. Plus, if your drummer is looking to get better sound quality for their recordings, the extra sound dampening from this thick rug can provide.


 13. Cymbal Bag


The Protec HR230 Cymbal Bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and comfortable carrying handles. Cymbals are often the most expensive part of a drum kit, so helping the drummer protect them is a great gift choice! With a reinforced bottom section and a rugged nylon exterior, this bag will last your drummer for many years to come, even if they are touring extensively. 


 14. Big Fat Snare Drum


The Big Fat Snare Drum can be placed atop existing snare skin to provide a deeper and warmer tone for any snare, one that is often sought out by drummers. The 70s had a beefy, thumpy tone that many have become accustomed to hearing. With a unique mixture of plastic and rubber, this little gadget can deliver the best qualities of that sound. 


 15. Drum Practice Pad


Practice pads are great for drummers who want to keep up their skills on the go. With the Evans Real Feel practice pads, drummers can practice any time, anywhere, all with an accessory that feels close to the real thing. I've seen countless drummers put in the hard work build up their fundamentals using a drum pad while watching TV. A high quality drum pad is something every drummer needs.


 16. Stick Caddy


Drummers often don’t have a good place to put extra drum sticks when they’re performing, which is where a gift like the Stick Caddy comes in handy. This durable drum stick holder can be clamped to a cymbal pole or microphone stand for easy stick access anytime. It’s a simple gift that your drummer probably didn’t even realize they needed! 


 17. Mallets


No matter what kind of music your drummer plays, having a good set of mallets can come in handy. Mallets differ from sticks in that they provide a deeper and rounder tone, great for marching-style beats and dramatic cymbal swells.


 18. Brushes


Similar to mallets, having a pair of brushes can come in handy in many instances. Brushes are most common in jazz playing, though they’ve spread their way into various styles of music. They offer a unique way for drummers to play softly and dynamically. With a set of brushes, your potential versatility expands greatly. 



19. Drum Rods


Drum rods offer a bit of a softer and brighter sound compared to regular sticks yet are slightly louder than brushes, offering a good in-between for dynamic drummers who want to add something different to their arsenal. These are especially helpful for playing more intimate venues, because they aren't as loud as traditional drumsticks.



20. Promark S22 Sizzler


The Promark S22 Sizzler fits all cymbals that are 22’ or smaller, resting above the cymbal belt like a standard felt washer. Essentially, your drummer can get that sweet, dramatic sizzle sound without having to drill permanent holes in their cymbals. You can install or remove this little piece at a moment’s notice! 


 21. New Kick Drum Beater


A new kick drum beater is a great way to bring freshness and punch to any drum kit. This versatile and durable kick drum beater fits all DW bass pedals and has two sides for versatility. The felt side offers a more traditional feel and sound, while the plastic side offers a bit more attack. 


 22. Bass Drum Damper


Bass drums can sometimes be way too loud and boomy for a particular situation, whether recording or playing live. With a quality bass drum damper, your drummer can play more quietly without having to change their own dynamics. With an easy on and off design, they can get a damp sound only when they need it! 


 23. Bass Drum Port Hole


Having a quality drum port hole can provide a drummer with a totally different sound. Port holes offer better projection, more attack, less beater rebound, a slightly brighter bass drum sound, and a place to put the microphone when recording or playing live. Plus, with a port hole, you can easily add or remove blankets or other dampening materials to change up your sound in a pinch. 



24. Drum Drink Holder


Stay hydrated with this fun little drum drink holder. Simply attach the mount to a microphone stand or cymbal pole and place any one-liter drink inside, whether it’s a can, bottle, or hydroflask. The high-quality netting will keep your drummer quenched for the entire tour! This gift is perfect for your drummer friend who likes to stay hydrated while rocking.


 25. Smart Phone Mount


Drummers don’t often have a convenient place to put their phones when playing live or recording at-home drum videos. With this little drum phone mount, your drummer can mount their smartphone directly to their bass drum hoop for discreet placement and easy access, which is a good idea for those extra popular drummers out there!


 26. KickBlock Bass Drum Anchor


Every drummer needs their drum kit to stay in place. The KickBlock is one of the world’s best bass drum anchoring systems. Ask any drummer and they’ll tell you how annoying it can be to continuously chase after a sliding bass drum. With this bass drum anchor, they can focus less on drum creep and more on their playing! 



10 Best Percussion Instrument Gifts for Drummers


Nothing can make a drum setup more versatile than adding extra percussion. People have been playing percussion for hundreds of years.

With so many forms of percussion, it’s easy to find accessible instruments to give as gifts. Let’s take a look at some of the best types of percussion you can give as gifts. 


1. Tambourine


The tambourine truly needs no introduction. This small, jangly piece of percussion is one of the most common percussion instruments around. From wood to plastic to small to large, tambourines come in all shapes and sizes, so even if your drummer already has one, we guarantee the one you get will have a different sound. 


2. Mounted Tambourine


Mounted tambourines are great gift idea for drummers who want extra peripherals they can add to their drum kits. A mounted tambourine is meant to be played by a stick. It is typically mounted to the hi-hat to be played with the foot or a cymbal pole to be played like a snare drum. 


3. Cowbell


The good news is that if you've got a fever, a cowbell is the answer.



Cowbell is one of the first instruments people think of when they hear the word “percussion.” From Blue Oyster Cult to ACDC, the cowbell has made its way into countless recordings. One of the great things about the cowbell is that it can be used in every genre, from rock n’ roll to Latin beats. 


4. Bongos


Bongos come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used in just about any genre, from Latin music to African music to reggae music and beyond. You can find bongos for $50 or bongos for $500, depending on the experience level of your drummer.



5. Djembe


A djembe is a skin-covered goblet drum that is tuned using a rope and played with the hands. It’s one of the most versatile and common drum percussion instruments on the planet today. Like bongos, djembes can be found in all shapes and sizes, as well as in different price ranges. A djembe is a great choice for a drummer boyfriend who doesn't have space to store a whole kit. 




A cajon is a box-shaped percussion instrument that is played by slapping the box with your hands. The cajon originally came from Peru, though it has become just as popular in pop, rock, blues, funk, and jazz music. It’s also one of the easiest percussion instruments to learn how to play, and is a great accompaniment instrument for sing-songwriters. 


7. Mounted Jam Block


A mounted jam block works and sounds a lot like a mounted cowbell, though has a woodier sound and is loud enough to be played alongside a drum kit. It’s a great peripheral piece of percussion for all kinds of musical styles, including rock, funk, and blues. The sound you get from a mounted jam block depends on the density, size, and material.


 8. Foot Cabasa


A foot cabasa is a unique percussion instrument in that it can be played with your foot on the same pedal as your bass drum beater. Even when your drummer’s hands are busy laying down the groove, they can still add the unique sound of the cabasa to their breaks and grooves. It’s a must-have for any Latin-style drummer. 


 9. Chime Tree


A chime tree, also known as a mark tree or bar chimes, is a popular percussion instrument for adding a bit of shine and sparkle to your playing. The sound of a chime tree depends on the material of the chimes, the length, the circumference, etc. For any soul or pop drummer, chime trees are an absolute must-have percussion instrument. 


 10. Meinl Cymbals Ching Ring Tambourine Jingle


The Meinl Cymbals Ching Ring Tambourine is an excellent percussion instrument for adding a light jingle sound to your drum sound. These can be placed directly on top of the cymbals without any mounts or wing nuts required. They’re solid for recording and playing live, delivering tambourine frequencies without ever sounding overpowering. 



15 Awesome Gifts for Drummers Over $50


Obviously, music gear can get expensive really fast, especially when you’re buying higher quality gear. If you’re willing to spend a bit more on your drummer gift, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

Here are a few of the best gifts for drummers over $50!


 1. Cymbal Packs


Nothing can make a difference in a kit quite like a set of upgraded cymbals. A great cymbal pack is an excellent drummer gift, and there are plenty of quality options to choose from. Look at companies like Zildjian and Meinl, and do some research regarding sound to find the best cymbals for the kind of music your drummer plays. 


2. Electronic Drum Kit


Electronic drum sets are better than they’ve ever been, with better feel, more sounds, and quality brains. Whether your drummer wants to expand their live setup or has the ability to practice at home without disturbing the neighbors, we highly recommend getting them an electronic kit. Look at companies like Alesis and Roland for the best electronic drum kits. 



3. Drum Microphone Kit


A solid drum microphone kit provides all of the pieces for recording a drum kit, including a kick mic, snare mic, overhead mics, and more. If your drummer is looking for a way to get professional drum recordings from the comfort of their home or studio, getting them a quality drum microphone kit can take all of the confusion out of buying separate microphones and save big bucks.

If you want more options - maybe something cheaper (or more expensive) - be sure to check out my review of the 13 best drum mics!


4. A New Drum Chair


Just like an office chair, a good adjustable drum chair, otherwise known as a throne, is essential to any drummer’s setup. We recommend looking for one with padded seating, adjustable height, and a quick pull lever for making adjustments. 


5. A Drum Hardware Bag


Carrying around drum hardware can be a total pain unless you have a bag that can store everything. Drum hardware bags are meant to hold cymbal stands, snare stands, pedals, and seat stands. Make sure the hardware bag you purchase is made with quality and durable materials. When full, a drum hardware bag weighs a ton, so we recommend one with wheels to save your drummer's back!



6. A New Bass Drum Pedal


If your drummer only has a stock pedal from when they initially purchased their kit, you may want to get them a pedal upgrade. Look for ones with interchangeable cams, frictionless rollers, and an adjustable footboard for the best versatility possible. 


7. Tune-Bot Drum Tuner


Tune-Bot Drum Tuner came around back in 2012, bringing drum tuning into the 21st century. This handy little gadget can make sure that every drum is in tune with the next so that the kit sounds better as a whole. It’s a must-have for any studio drummer. 


8. Isolation Shield


If your drummer has a small studio space where they practice or record, getting an isolation shield can help dampen the room and make their drums sound better with fewer room reflections. It can also help make drums quieter when played at small venues, like coffee shops. 


9. Shure SE215 Isolating Ear Phones


The Shure SE215 Professional Sound Isolating Ear Phones provide a crisp and clear sound with defined highs and deep bass. They’re some of the most secure and comfortable in-ear phones on the market today, especially for the cost. Compared to other ones we’ve looked at, these phones provide an incredible amount of isolation.


 10. Metronome Watch


The Soundbrenner Pulse Wearable Metronome is one of the most popular watch metronomes on the market today, offering a noiseless tempo that works like a pulse to keep drummers in time. Not only does it work like a charm, but it also has a sleek and modern look, very similar to an Apple Watch. 


11. Drum Machine


Give your drummer something to expand their kit with a cool drum machine! There are so many drum machines to choose from each recreating different amazing sounds of electronic drums, so make sure to do your research and find one that’s in your price range with a decent number of features. We recommend looking at brands like Roland and Akai


12. Tama Rhythm Watch


The Tama Rhythm Watch is a handy little device that helps drummers keep time. Its portable size makes it great for touring drummers, while its wide BPM range and 30-song beat memory make it ultra-versatile for any kind of musician. 


 13. In-Person Drum Lessons


Many in-person drum lessons are run through music shops or music schools and offer one-on-one instruction to help drummers get to the next skill level. Whether your drummer is a total beginner or intermediate player, in-person drum lessons are a unique gift! 


14. Personal Drum Monitor


Having a personal drum monitor for performing allows a drummer to focus on playing without having to worry about hearing themselves and the rest of the band. One of our absolute favorite drum monitors is the Alesis Strike Amp 8 2,000-watt drum monitor, which offers PA-style clarity in a fairly portable size. 


 15. Acoustic-Electronic Drum Trigger Kit


Create a unique hybrid system with the Yamaha EAD10 Acoustic-Electronic drum module. This little module has 50 presets and 200 user scenes to help your drummer customize their drum patterns with different sounds. 


5 Best Online Drum Lessons for Gifts



Online courses exploded in the past few years, and many people are beginning to realize that they can learn the skills they desire without having to go to another physical location. Online drum platforms have also exploded, allowing drummers of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels to learn where they are most comfortable. A few lessons can be a great addition to a drummer's repertoire, even if a drummer has been playing a long time.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular online platforms for learning drums. 




Drumeo is one of the best sources of lessons for drummers of all skill levels. The platform has a wide range of courses and one-off lessons from a team of some of the most legendary world-class drum coaches. Overall, you’ll find more than 2,000 lessons and over 230 high-quality courses. And as a bonus, you can give them a free 7-day trial with this link




Mikes Lessons is one of the largest online educational platforms for drummers with a massive range of lessons and courses. You’ll find a vast library of gear information, drumming tutorials, and in-depth drumming courses from a number of experts. Give the gift of a yearly or bi-yearly membership! 




ArtistWorks is a platform where musicians can learn any instrument they please from a wide range of world-class players and instructors. From beginners to advanced musicians, there’s something for everyone over at ArtistWorks, and the range of drum courses is incredible! 




While not music-centric by any means, Udemy has a wide range of quality drum lessons in structured formats, making them easy for any student to follow. Plus, Udemy is constantly putting out great deals on their courses. Make sure to check the reviews on a course before purchasing your gift!




Skillshare is another learning community like Udemy, wherein you can purchase drum courses that are structured and easy to follow. The Larry Crowe course is one of our absolute favorites, though there are plenty of others to choose from!


5 Best Drum Books to Give Drummers



Beyond playing, one of the best ways for a drummer to improve their skills is by reading drum books. Many professional drummers accredit their successes to utilizing these quality resources. Let’s take a look at some of the best books for drummers. 


1. Anatomy of Drumming


Anatomy of Drumming offers information on maintaining good posture, playing ergonomically, and practicing efficiently, helping drummers of all skill levels to think about the ways in which they play.


2. 4-Way Coordination


4-Way Coordination delves into how drummers can elevate their hand and foot dexterity while crafting a sense of independence with each limb. This book was designed to help guide drummers through everything from common patterns to complex polyrhythms. 


 3. The Breakbeat Bible


The Breakbeat Bible offers the most in-depth look at breakbeat-style drumming. It’s divided into thirteen unique sections and offers beats and exercises along with every chapter so that drummers can put the information they learn to use. 


 4. Progressive Steps to Syncopation


Progressive Steps to Syncopation came out in 1993 and is still one of the most practical and versatile books for drummers ever written. You’ll find all of the information you could possibly need about the study of syncopation and its use in music. This book as earned a place as one of the standard tools for teaching drums, making it a must-have book for any serious drummer. 


 5. 1001 Drum Grooves


To help your drummer add a bit of flair to their beat toolbelt, 1,001 Drum Grooves offers 1,001 beats in a wide variety of musical styles from the past and present. It’s one of the most well-organized books of its kind, perfect for beginners looking to add a few more grooves to their repertoire. 


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