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Best Mouse for Recording Music

reviews Jan 06, 2020

I needed to find the best mouse for recording, because, (and I don’t know about you), but after a long session, my hand starts to cramp up. So I’d been looking for a more ergonomic mouse, but also one that would speed up my workflow. 

After I lot of research, I settled on the Logitech G602 (affiliate link) as the best mouse for recording music.

The Best Mouse Hotkeys for Recording

The Logitech G602 makes using Reason so much faster. It’s got 11 buttons that are super easy to program, a comfortable ergonomic grip, and a hassle free wireless design. With Reason, this works great because I’ve mapped 3 of the buttons to each of the major screens (mixer, rack, and sequencer). I’ve mapped three more buttons to the razor tool, the selection tools, and the mute tool in the sequencer. Another button quickly flips around the rack.And two more buttons… well I’m still trying to figure out the best use for them. Maybe zoom? How would you use them?It’s amazing how much the new mouse speeds up my workflow, I can still quickly navigate when one hand is on my (instrument) keyboard or guitar, or taking notes.

Video Review of the Best Mouse for Recording in Reason

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