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Pond 5 Publishing Review - Don't Join!

Pond 5 recently launched a publishing service for musicians that use its site. There’s 3 reasons you shouldn’t join it, at least not yet. First, getting your publishing royalties isn’t that hard. Second, it’s not clear how much money Pond 5 will charge. Third, Pond 5 reserves the right to change the terms at any time.

Let’s dig in to each of these points in depth. Or you can watch the video on Pond 5 publishing below.

Note: this isn’t legal advice, just my personal opinion.

Music Publishing in a Nutshell

There are 2 main revenue streams that are possible when you sell your songs through music licensing: synch fees and performance royalties. If you want to learn how to start licensing your music, check out this free five-day music licensing mini course.

First, you have the upfront fees that someone pays a library, like Pond 5, for the right to license your song and use it in their productions.

Second, if your song is publicly performed, typically...

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