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5 Best Phaser Plugins

5 best phaser plugins

Nowadays, we do so much of our production and mixing work in the box that having tools that cover all of the bases is necessary. The phaser effect has long been one of the most popular modulation effects around and is one of the most important tools for any engineer to have in their toolbox. 

Of course, there are so many great phaser plugins on the market that finding the right ones to buy can feel overwhelming.

Luckily for you, we’ve done our research to bring you information on some of the best phaser plugins on the market so you can start getting wacky and wild with your audio processing!


If You're Curious (or just in a hurry):  


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What Is a Phaser?


First, let’s answer the question:


What in the world is a phaser?


A phaser is a modulation effect wherein a series of troughs and peaks are injected into the signal’s EQ frequency spectrum. Over time, these troughs and peaks will vary. The way in which they vary is often controlled by an LFO or low-frequency oscillator. The sweeping effect that occurs from these variations in time is known as “phasing.”

Not all phasers are made equal, however, which is why we want to take you through a few different options so you can figure out what makes the most sense for your production or mixing style.


Softube Fix Phaser 


The Fix Phaser from Softube is one of our absolute favorite phaser plugins. The manufacturers built this plugin based on the mind-warping concepts of doubling and flanging. Note that before you hop in, this plugin requires you to have an iLok and a Softube account to authorize it.

Once set up, you’ll have access to iconic analog phaser tones, as Softube effectively combines all of the best phaser sounds and more from the past few decades, giving you more control than you could ever ask for over a legendary effect. 



Whether you’re looking to create subtle movement in your hi-hats or give your vocals an extreme, sci-fi-ready phase shift, you can do so with the Softube Fix Phaser. I absolutely love using the Fix Phaser’s Wide mode to turn mono signals into convincing stereo signals. You can even slightly dial in the stereo settings using the Mix knob for the best of both worlds.

The LFO rate is easy to adjust from 0.01Hz to 6Hz to get the sweep speed you desire. You can also use the envelope follower for more precise sweeping too. Inject any audio signal into the Fix Phaser and adjust the feedback or regeneration to get the desired phase effect. 

The Fix Phaser is also one of the most intuitive phasers I've ever used. Even after a couple of decades of mixing, I find the visual feedback it provides the fastest way to get the sound I'm after.


Soundtoys Phase Mistress


I’m an absolute sucker for Soundtoys plugins, and Phase Mistress is one of my favorites! This unique phaser plugin was made to emulate the Electric Mistress flanger/chorus plugin from Electro-Harmonix. Of course, the internal workings of the plugin go beyond the Electric Mistress sound, giving you tones from the Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phaser, the Moogerfooger 12 Stage, the MXL Phase 90, the Boss Super Phaser, and the Mu-Tron Bi-Phase, among others.

Just like the Softube Fix Phaser, Phase Mistress requires an iLok account to authorize it.



One of the things that truly sets this plugin apart from others is its unmistakable analog sound. Plus, with the unique rhythmic tools, tempo-locking capabilities, and infinite adjustability, the possibilities are endless.

You get 69 presets to start with, though the real magic starts coming out when you tweak the presets. You can set the number of poles and stages between 2 and 24, while fine-tuning the resonance for your desired sound. 

You can even go as far as drawing in custom LFOs or setting the control voltage to several different settings. If serious versatility and warm analog tones are what you’re after, then we can’t recommend a better plugin than Soundtoys Phase Mistress!


Arturia Phase Bi-Tron


The Bi-Tron is a hypnotic phaser that captured the hearts and souls of musicians when it was first introduced many decades ago. Even so, the sounds feel futuristic, melding perfectly with modern productions. The stand-out feature of the Bi-Tron is its two phaser circuits, which gives everything a “doubled” sound.

As with almost anything Arturia puts out, the modeling from the Arturia Phase Bi-Tron is top-notch. You’ll find two sweep generators, dual 12-stage phaser circuits, a manual control pedal, and much more! Arturia took extra care to emulate the warm analog characteristics of the original piece of hardware and it shows. 



Beyond the endless hours of tweaking, you could get into with this plugin, there are 37 carefully crafted presets to start you off, giving you instant access to some of the most iconic sounds of all time. 

While it may not be the most versatile phaser plugin out there, the Arturia Bi-Tron emulation delivers some of the most magical phaser capabilities around.


D16 Group Fazortan 2


The D16 Fazortan 2 is based on a classic hardware phaser unit from the 1970s. While it does not require an iLok, you do have to create a D16 Group account to authorize it.

While D16 makes a ton of references to the 1970s Controllable Space Phaser unit, there isn’t a lot built into the plugin that specifies the exact under-the-hood emulation properties. With this plugin sporting features like the front panel Color switch and the single Rate knob, I can only guess that D16 Group based it on the original Electro-Harmonix Small Stone phaser. 



The Fazortan 2, very similar to the Soundtoys Phase Mistress plugin, has a very distinctly analog sound, which is probably because the plugin is based on advanced analog emulation techniques. The unique Operational Transconductance amplifiers built into this software emulate that vintage analog hardware feel. 

However, while you get that analog character, you get complete digital control, allowing you to dial-in precise sounds of the 70s. The two LFO knobs on the left side of the interface stand out amongst everything else. These LFOs can be dialed manually or synced to your DAW. You can also change the waveform and adjust the depth of each LFO independently.


Eventide Instant Phaser MkII


The Eventide Phaser MkII is another classic emulation of a 1970s phaser — the Eventide Clockworks Instant Phaser. This iconic piece of hardware was made during the 70s to replace the tape flanging process, which was often very time-consuming. Now, in plugin form, it’s eve less time-consuming than before!

You can get all of the same analog personality and legendary sounds as you could with the original piece of hardware. With smooth modulations and inherent musicality, it’s easy to dial-in sounds that work with any genre. Plus, it’s nice to have a bit of warmth in the cold digital world that we often find ourselves working in.



Beyond the fact that it’s an incredible emulation of the original hardware unit, there are many additional capabilities this plugin sports. The “Age” knob is one of those capabilities, which allows you to take sounds from the 70s and adjust them in a way that brings them into the new era. 

There are also three different styles of phase-shifting available, which you can flip through with the mode switch. Overall, if you’re looking for a phaser plugin that adds unique analog depth to your mixes, look no further than Eventide Instant Phaser MKII.

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