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Reason 12.5 Released

RST 12.5 Released

Reason 12.5 was released recently, and its main feature is to add compatibility with VST 3 plugins, a long-requested feature. Additionally, it includes some other minor, but useful improvements described in the video. Unfortunately, VST3 is only available on Reason 12, so if you have an earlier version of Reason and you want to use VST3, you're out of luck. 



However, native Apple Silicon support has not yet been added to Reason, which seems to be way slower than any other DAW/Plugin manufacturer, which is really disappointing. 

I'm pretty disappointed that this is the ".5" release of Reason. Usually Reason Studios delivers something really interesting and impressive in the .5 release. Instead, they have just rolled out a long delayed feature promised at launch that has been implemented in other DAWs for years.

On the plus side, the CEO did recently say that they plan on continuing to refine Reason throughout most of 2023, and that Reason 13 probably won't come out for another year. Hopefully this means they're going to take the time to get Reason 12 fully cleaned up and build something truly cool for Reason 13.


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